August 4, 2011

moving on...

Hiya, just me; back again...
Quilt square number 1 this time.. yes, I did them in reverse order..I thought  I had a card to go with it...but amongst all the 'excitement' that was that week I plum forgot to take a picture of the card that matched this square. But let's start from the beginning....

Our very good, very dear friends Steve and Alexis (the first people I met when I moved to the North) have left us....moving on, as is the way with our guy's of the downsides if you ask me.. They have moved to their new posting...back home for Alexis; a new adventure for Steve.. It has been such a change in our lives.. I miss them everyday.. they used to live just around the corner for us.. Alexis and I often would walk over to each others houses for some girl time and tea. How I miss our tea dates..among many things I miss about them.
The week they were leaving and packing etc, got me thinking about homes.. and houses-as they were leaving their home here to start living in their new house. That, and being heavy hearted about their departure, I knew I needed to keep my hands is the case when I'm sad, and decided that then was a good a time as ever to start my art quilt.
Originally I knew that I was going to have a square dedicated to something 'home-like'. My home is a haven..I am still painting and decorating(a year on) to make it our own. I try to make it feel more homey for my guy.. try to make it welcoming after a long day at to have the house full of wonderful smells of baked goods or yummy dinner cooking.. there's nothing better than that for me.. It reminds me of being at home when I lived with my family.. I so look forward to visiting home..there's no place like it..
The card was pretty much an exact copy of this.. just on paper.. used bits of fabric and trim..lots of hand stitching...very comforting and calming. I love that I can stamp on fabric and not have it bleed out.. there will be more of that in squares to come..
Luck have it, this fits in with the challenge over at the City Crafter Challenge blog. this week. I'm so glad to be able to get back into a couple of challenges again. I'm off to post this and have a peek at the other entries.. be sure to join me over there and play along!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Becks this is breathtaking ... so beautifully done and your hand stitching is lovely ... this is going to be one beautiful and treasure quilt ... made most definitely with love ... Thank you for sharing it with us at CCCB....
    Sorry you have lost your friend and neighbour ... thinking of you

  2. Gorgeous ... absolutely gorgeous. I'm speechless.

    (By the way - you are welcome to tea at my house anytime.)

  3. Oh my goodness.. This is absolutely amazing. I love it.. Thanks so much for playing along with us at CCCB!

  4. This is so pretty!!! love the soft tones and lovely details.
    Thanks for playing along with us at CCCB!

  5. Rebekah: Your entry to CCCB is just adorable. I'm also glad that it allowed me to find your blog. I just became a follower of your blog, and hope that you will stop by my little blog and also follow me. I love sharing inspiration with others, and you are very talented!
    Hope to chat with you soon.

  6. This is sooooo pretty! I want to live in your little quilt square house!

  7. Absolutely FABULOUS! LOVE the use of the fabric!
    Thank you so much for sharing your talent at CCCB!

  8. this is outstanding!! i love it :) :) fabulous!!


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