May 3, 2009

Sweet Desserts..

Another line I came up with I called 'Sweet Desserts', using part of the cupcake stencil. I love simple, fun designs. These babies were a little more time consuming. I tried coming up with the perfect 3D effect and feel I've achieved it..What do you think?Yes, those are woven strips of paper...yes it took awhile to figure out. But I think it gives the feel of a waffle cone that you'd get at the icecream shop!
Here's a close up of the icecream top and the waffle cone... Makes you just want to take a bite.. The cherry stem is made of bead wire.. hand twisted and shaped... again, all the spangles placed by hand...but in the end its worth it..
Again, trying to capture the dimesions of it all...

Sunshine and Sundays...

What a wonderfully sunny day we are having today! While I'd rather be out gardening, I decided to spend a few moments updating the blog and putting some of my previous cards up.My journey into card making all started by making cards for family birthdays. This past year I have been able to share my creations with more and more people, and even started an Etsy store, just for fun.. So I have decided to share with you some of my favourites from the past year and would like to thank all of you who have supported me on this endeavor. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

My first design was a birthday cupcake.. and is still my favourite card to make. They were so much fun to design and embellish...just an over all happy feeling, making and receiving!
Each of the spangles(along the cupcake edge) we meticulously placed by hand, the stripes on the cupcake holder are stuck at the top and bottom, and add to the 3D effect I was after. Every cupcake has 3 colour coordinated hearts on them.. a signature of sorts. As well as the 3 spangles around the cherry on top! I got the background paper in a pack and aptly named this collection Candyshop..

Here a pic of all 4 colours together! And of course the sentiment can be customized for each occasion..

I tried to capture the 3D effect on camera.. however I'm not the best photographer... As you can see the stripes on the cupcake holder curve and give it more dimension. I just love these happy cards.. they are just "sweet".