February 28, 2012

tag! you're it...

Boy, does that saying take me back to my childhood and long days on the playground. Happy and content to be out in the sunshine playing with school friends, running around til we are tired. You couldn't get us to sit inside. Oh no, we'd rather be outside.

How drastically things have changed. The days of my childhood are a far cry from generations younger than I am. So wrapped up in video games..in sitting inside.. I have hope that my generation will raise a generation akin to our own. I know when the day comes I hope to have children to run and play outside.. to be artsy and creative. To have the same love of books I have.. To have their father's ability to work with their hands and build things.. A hope for the future. I must be getting older in my years to be able to see such gaps in generations.

Getting crafty again after spending last weekend with our dear friends. Spent parts of the week cleaning in my craft room. I made a gift basket for our annual Regimental Ball, for the silent auction, to raise funds towards a great cause. To honour and remember a fallen colleague of my guys'. These are some tags that were a part of the gift basket. They are such fun little tags to whip up quick and simply.

Using up cut offs and leftover patterned papers. Layered crocheted mini doilies..fabric rolled flowers, buttons and stamps. So much fun to have and endless possibilities. I like working on a smaller canvas than a 4.25x5.5 inch card.
Well, I am off for the night. Plenty of posts coming up for you in the next couple of days!
Good night!

February 22, 2012

chasing the night...

The other morning we headed south to pick up our special weekend guests, a couple of good friends that used to live here. We drove in those early hours of the morning, watching as the dawn was slowly chasing the night away. To the east of us, the skies were slowly brightening up; to the west: inky blackness dotted with twinkling stars. A yellow ochre, crescent moon was slowly being swallowed by the light. 

Its amazing to watch the change from night to day, it's like the whole North is waking up.  The sun turning the skies orange and pink; starting at the horizon..The pine trees were silhouetted against the sunrise. By the time we got into the city it was frosty and foggy; hoar frost(ice crystals) clinging to trees branches turning them into ethereal white beauties. They glisten like they have been dusted with white glitter. They look so soft from afar. A true beauty to behold.

My love affair with nature has become more intense; being able to experience it in many different ways in different parts of the world. Each place holding a special part of my heart, but it seems the natural beauty of the North is now taking hold of me. I welcome it with open arms.

Speaking of love affairs, two more are wrapped up in this card; buttons and yummy glitter. Is there anything better than glittered buttons?! They look so sugary, dusted with that shimmer. I made this card for a co-worker of my guy's. It was a Valentine request for his special lady. I was only too happy to oblige his request.(He was super sweet about it) Over at Papertrey Ink, their Make It Monday challenge incorporates glittered buttons so I'm going to link this up there.
See you soon!

February 9, 2012

looking forward...

I'm headed on my way home again. Back to the land of snow and cold temperatures. I'm sitting in the airport, on a 3 hour layover, just watching the world go by. Thank goodness for my laptop,but  still working on getting an internet connection. ...

I'm traveling solo this time. There is something pretty liberating about traveling by yourself..  although I prefer to have a travel buddy, I love that I can escape and just fade into the background. Where no one knows you and just observe people going to and fro.. racing to catch their connecting flight. My layover is longer than both my flights combined.. oh bother.

Although I will miss being at home with my family, I'm looking forward to getting back into my craft room and getting crafty again. I have new supplies on their way to me. How exciting.  Lots of new and fun ideas thanks to my creative mama. Love feeding off her energy and bouncing ideas around. All three of us girls(my sister, mom and I) are creative in our own respects. Don't you just love being surrounded by creativity? It's so inspiring and so refreshing for my artsy soul. 

Looking forward to seeing my fur babies and my guy. Having very dear and special guests at the end of the next week.. an upcoming Regimental Ball(can't wait to see everyone dressed up..especially my guy in his red Serge).
Time to get back to reality and into a normal schedule. So many plans for my little neglected Etsy shop.. this year I am going to make a better effort in adding things to it.. I got complacent last year.
Catching up on some cards that I haven't posted. Part of a big order for my aunt...

Looking forward to getting back to blogging regularly and visiting each of you!
Thankful for your visit!

February 1, 2012

you've got mail...

It's no secret that I have a soft spot for envelopes lately. I love tea staining them, shabby-ing them up, covering them in buttons..making wax paper ones..

I've used them on Christmas cards this year, love dressing them up and showcasing them front and centre. So when I saw the challenge over at one of my fave sites, City Crafter Challenge Blog, I knew I had to join the challenge!

I love making little envelopes..cutting them by hand..dipping them in tea. Is it easier to get a die and cut them? Possibly. I love cutting a pile and scoring them..folding them up and looking at them. Too much time paper crafting? Perhaps.. Truth be told I found the idea on Cherry's Jubilee blog and took off running.

I like the spring time feel of this one with its gorgeous green and the satin flowers. I'm loving the mild temps and weather of being back at home. Missing my fur babies, but not particularly in any rush to get back to the snow and cold of Saskatchewan. This card captures the feelings of spring for me.
Sending spring wishes your way!
E.T.A This made the Spotlight Artist for week 94! Happy Dance:)