December 11, 2011

bake and create...

If you stop and think about it, card making is a lot like baking. You begin with something tried and true..a recipe perhaps.. start by using  the staples;flour, sugar and butter. Combine it all and add some additions; chocolate chips, nuts and vanilla..  Adding flavours and interest layer by layer. Or, in my case; card stock, patterned papers and great stamps. Topped with embellies and ribbons, buttons and tags. Yum!

Thankfully this time of year both of my favourite past times go hand in hand. Card making and baking. I'm about to embark on my holiday baking. It's becoming more and more of a ritual. I look forward to it every year. Of course I prefer to be at home and enjoying it with everyone. We have our annual Christmas cookie decorating party.. lasts for hours.. all of us gathered around the kitchen island, passing back and forth pastry bags filled with coloured icing..eating the embellishments; m+m's, chocolate chips, nonpareils-whatever we have scrounged together.. chatting and laughing..drinking tea or what not. It's such a great part of the holidays.

This year we are doing it long distance.. thank goodness for technology..keeping the traditions alive. Of course my sister always out does us with her confection reflections of all of us.. she does such an awesome job of creating sugar cookie decorated people. They are always too pretty to eat.. we usually leave them til last.. every year they get more elaborate. I love my cookie doppelganger.

Once again this year I am baking up a frenzy.. putting together goodie boxes for my guy's co-workers. I have a feeling this year some of them won't be making it into the boxes, since I'm staying put this year. A girl's gotta have some goodies in the house over the holidays.
 Here's a card I made up for the show awhile back. I got the idea from seeing one of Cherry's cards..
I love the design so much(and had fun making the mini envies) I did them in another colour scheme.
 Thanks for popping by, I'll be back with more cards soon!


  1. Such beautiful cards!! I love them ... they are so very pretty ... enjoy your baking ... sounds fun!

  2. Gorgeous cards, Rebecca! I love how you've embellished an envelope for the front ... just wonderful!

  3. These are so shabby beautiful! I love the little note paired withe jingle bell. A lovely pairing. keep creating! :-) Amy

  4. Adoro mesmo sua cartela de cores!! Sempre muito fiel ao seu lindo estilo!!


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