December 27, 2010

home for the holidays...

There's no better feeling that being back at home. For Christmas this year, my guy decided to send me home for the holidays..since he would be working.. knowing how home sick I was getting..knew I needed to be surrounded by my family this holiday season. Such a wonderful gift.
This past week has flown by...time always flies when you are enjoying yourself. Still a couple weeks left at home...I will savour each remaining day...glad I have my mom around to take care of me...nothing worse than being sick over the holidays but, just my luck that's what I got. Just goes to show you're never too old to be looked after by mama.
Yet another Christmas card that was requested by my sister. There's nothing I enjoy more than whipping up little packages of cards for people I love. She passed them on to a friend who, as I was told today, just loved them. It makes it all worth it when I hear how much someone enjoys one of my handmade gems. Some sheet fave for Christmas cards..Maya Road tree pin..random buttons...I just had to use my PTI die and background basics text....doilie and some extra thick seam binding in that gorgeous burgundy...Mmm mmm. it's love I tell ya.
Sometimes the simplest cards give me the most happiness..
Til next time,

December 21, 2010

snow globe Sunday...

There's nothing I like better then a fresh snowfall. I don't enjoy the cold that goes along with it; I could do with out that. And, venturing out in it isn't desirable, but there's something calming about snow falling. This Sunday I sat watching as big fluffy white snowflakes fell from the sky. Drifting and floating on the breeze; covering every surface..looking very magical. On days like these I feel as if I'm enclosed in a snow globe that has been gently shaken. Such a wonderful feeling.
 The fallen snow is a bright-white clean slate so to speak. It glistens and sparkles as the sunlight hits it. It blankets the area with such a silence. Have you ever stopped and listened to snow falling?It's such a surreal experience. Those fluffy, white, light-as-air flakes have a quiet whisper about them as they make their way to the ground. Simply amazing!
Another one of my wreath ornament cards. They are highly addicting to make... I just couldn't stop. This card reminded me of my snow globe Sunday afternoon. Of course I had to add sheet music edged with distress ink, along with some sparkle to those Maya Road snowflakes.. how I love Maya Road goodies! The stamps and sentiment are from PTI's snowflake serenade. One of my favourite wintery sets!
I am off to do some more Christmasy jobs. Such a busy week! Hope to pop in again soon with some more Christmas creations.
Have a wonderful wintery time!

December 12, 2010

silent night...

Holy night. All is calm, all is bright....

I love Silent Night. It's one of my favourite Christmas carols. It's captures the Christmas spirit for me. It's just not Christmas til I hear that song...

Before I start into some of my holiday baking I thought I'd pop in for a quick post...some more of the cards I made for special people in my life...I do love requests for cards...
I must admit, I don't like 'traditional' Christmas cards...I prefer muted greens and deep reds..golds and glitter. Sheet music and creamy cardstock...
All captured in my mini wreaths...I used some fabric scraps..used my pinking shears..found the cutest mini reindeer in my mom had given them to me a couple years ago.. they come in handy here.
These cards pull a double duty..the wreath comes off and can be used as an ornament. How cool is that?
 I wanted to work in sheet music and the library pocket die(PTI) worked perfectly. Some Upsy Daisy and Prima papers fit my muted colour scheme.. I love how it all comes together.
Well, I am off to get some baking done. It's not the same being away from home this year, but I know my guy's co-workers will appreciate it.
Off to spread some holiday cheer,

December 7, 2010

twinkle lights...

I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of multi-coloured twinkle lights at Christmas. I prefer white(clear) lights. They always brighten up the holidays for me. They are crisp and pure..reflect off of the ornaments just so...they are perfect in my opinion.
I enjoy looking out through the falling snowflakes and seeing the lights outside.. nothing more Christmas-y than seeing the houses all lit up, with their various scenes...That was my inspiration for this set of cards I made for my MIL.
This is the first post of a few of Christmas cards for this year. I've still got to make my own... Here's the set of 10 I did..all in a row...
Even on the inside.. normally I leave my cards blank, unless requested..
Here's a close up. I cut out all 50(yes I said 50) lights by hand...used some PTI stamps...heat embossed the sentiment...These cards fit the challenge over on the City Crafter Challenge Blog this week..thats where I'm off to link up to.

Twinkle, twinkle..

December 4, 2010

count your blessings...

"When I count my blessings, I count you twice"

This post is a bit delayed. It's a continuation of my 'thankful posts' The first one can be found here,  if you haven't read it yet. In the last one, I "left out" one important person in my life I am thankful for; my guy. This post is for him...
For everything you do to make life that much easier..
For your generous nature..
Your sense of humour; your laugh. It warms my soul, lifts a gloomy day...
For naps on the couch, snuggled up..
Pretending to 'give in' when play fighting.. 'cuz we both know you are way stronger than I am, but you let me 'win' some days..
How you won't leave the house with out a kiss goodbye..
Your protective and helpful nature, and the fact you do that every day in your career...wanting to do better for everyone, not just yourself.
Long car rides into the city, full of great conversations, laughs...bopping to music... remembering..
For support and ideas with my creativity..
For the life you are providing for us..

Getting to spend this journey with you for the last 9 years and for many years to come..
You are my best friend, soul mate,my perfect match.
You are sexy, loving, sweet and funny..supportive, strong, gentle and most importantly; all mine.
I definitely count you twice when I count my blessings.

November 28, 2010

one week...

Never before have I realized the value of a week...

I am trying to gather my thoughts, my words.. I apologize for my absence. The last week has been a tough one.. the toughest of my life so far. I am dealing with the loss of a very wonderful, special person to me; my grandfather...It's taken a lot of time; a lot of soul searching..a lot of tears, memories, special moments to be able to finally come to a place where I am able to function without breaking down.

One week has allowed me to see the value of time, to not take anything for make time to speak to friends, family...tomorrow is not guaranteed.

One week has shown me all I have to be thankful for. That I have the most amazing support system of friends and family;both far and near.It has shown me that life goes on, albeit more different than before.

This week has been full of remembering.. good memories and times past..reminding me to live in the present. That our past experiences make us the person we are today. It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions...I am grateful for the time my grandfather and I shared. I will cherish those memories fondly.

I've been keeping my hands busy. It seems when my heart is heavy, my hands must create. This card reminds me of a visit to see my grandfather a few years ago. We went out sightseeing and for lunch and by some fluke we both ended up wearing yellow that day.. I love the pale creamy yellow colour of the card. It's kept clean and simple..I often over complicate things and get discouraged. But not here...

I've learned that this journey is unpredictable..that time is the only thing that will heal this wound..but I'll get by with a little help from my friends and family.
This one's for you Pa,
E.T.A The layout is a scrap lift from the multi-talented Melissa Phillips...I loved the clean and simple look of her cards...and tried it for myself!

November 19, 2010

attitide of gratitude...

*Mom, dad and M- for all they have done, for all they still do..and will continue to do to help me along my journey..for being there when I need them.. to help me navigate through what life throws at me. Your support is what gets me through the loneliest of days.. through home sickness and my lowest lows..

*Best girlfriends- To C for being there through thick and thin...for accepting me for who I am; flaws and all... understanding that life happens; For helping with problems. Giving advice..knowing that it doesn't matter how long in between conversations; you can pick up where you left off and it's like time hasn't passed at all....
*Technology- To keep in touch with those far from me..glorious technology that allows us to be together, miles apart. To share in each others celebrate milestones together...

*Family- for reconnecting..Knowing that our roots may be spread out over different countries and provinces, but we are all apart of the same tree..Learning more about where I come from, who I take after.. a great feeling of being...

 *New friends, new experiences-for understanding what it's like to start out somewhere new. For support and much needed chats.. For being such great people..for helping, advice, tips and gestures...they do not go unnoticed. For helping us feel like we belong. For welcoming us into a new 'family'..

*Papercrafting- I am glad I have the opportunity to craft and share what I love doing. I stumbled upon this creative outlet of mine a few years ago and haven't looked back. I need to learn not to compare my work to others, and love the journey I take in creating. It is definitely my sanctuary these days..

As the year is drawing to a close, I think it's time to reflect on what I am grateful for. A couple of blogs I follow are also focusing on just the same thing.. a few have even shared today's blog title as well. In no means am I trying to copy them, only pay homage to them. You may have noticed I left out my guy.. I haven't forgotten him.. he's getting his own special post..coming up soon...he needs to know his actions do not go by unseen too.
I made this card for my best friend C. I hope she likes it.. I kept it CAS to showcase the Basic Grey papers which I can't seem to put down...some well used PTI stamps..Maya Road chipboard... yum.
I am very grateful for those of you that view my blog and leave such sweet, encouraging comments. They make my day, inspire me to push on and create..I'm glad that you all take time out of your day, and come to visit me here on the blog. I appreciate it more than you will know.
'Til next time,

November 15, 2010

home sweet home...

I know that when I go matter where the physical structure may be, it's that familiar feeling that envelopes me that lets me know I'm 'at home.' I've moved around my fair share and it didn't matter where I was in the world, as long as my family were together; home was there.

Home to me is the feeling of comfort you get walking through the door. It's knowing that your home is your sanctuary; somewhere you feel safe.Somewhere you can forget about the big bad world out there.Its not the four walls, or the roof above our heads... no, its much more than that.For me, it's the people who occupy the house that makes it a home..

Home these days may not be my first choice of locations; far from it to be honest...I'd rather be living with my family; closer at least.... but I'm slowly  learning to make this house our home. We are changing things to suit ourselves. Its small things that make the house's the familiar sounds that I hear when I'm puttering around my craft room..the swishing of the dishwasher; the sounds of gun fire as my guy plays his online games..sounds that turn an ordinary house into a home.

I made this card to welcome one of my guy's co-workers to the neighbourhood, and congratulate them on their new house. I baked up a batch of cookies to send along with the card. They live a few houses down from us, and I'm sure will quickly start turning their new house into a home..

I found these quotes and will share it with you as I leave for the night,

My home is not a place, it is people.
~ Lois McMaster Bujold

"A house is made of brick and mortar,
but home is made by the people who live there."
M. K. Soni

Til next time, thanks for your visit!

November 11, 2010

celebrate today...

Today is a very special day.. for a very special person in my life.. my mom

The one person always there... who always listens..who gives the best advice..

My best friend and inspiration.. my strength..

A creative talented... I am blessed to have inherited such a small part of her creativity.

A fighter.. her inner strength is something I's something I strive is limitless..

She is selfless; sacrificed a lot for her family.. for which I am forever grateful...

Super supportive, caring and thoughtful...

I am thankful to have her in my life.Although she may not feel like celebrating her birthday,  I'm celebrating having her in my life...birthdays, after all, are meant for that...for all shes done for me and continues to do so.....I may never be able to repay it all...she brightens my darkest days; my darkest my support over the phone or through messages..I hope I can do the same for her.. she is always with me, always on my mind.. no matter how far apart we may be..
I love you mom, wish I could be there to celebrate with you..
Sending love across the miles,
Love always,

November 4, 2010

everythings right with a cup of tea...

It's no secret round here that I'm a bit of a tea cupboard is slowly filling up with delectable types of tea...if I see a new flavour I might like, I buy guy tells me nicely that I don't need any more tea, and that I need to drink what I have first, but there's nothing better than having a selection on hand...'cuz you never know when the mood will strike for a certain type of tea.

I think I've always had a thing for tea..I used to watch my mom drink it as a child and wish I were "grown up" enough to be able to drink tea. As a child we had a tea set, and were only allowed to use it on special occasions..."Once in a blue moon" my mom would say. Needless to say I couldn't wait for a blue moon month(the second full moon in one calendar month) and break out that tea set. It was special.. I remember it fondly. I suppose every little girl enjoys a tea party...

There's nothing that a cup of tea can't make better; a headache?have a cup of tea...feeling ill? have a cup of tea..cold day outside? you got it; have a cup of's soothing.. calming.. I just can't start my day without a cup of tea..I recently bought a proper tea cup.. with saucer. I enjoy its thin, delicate handle..tea never tastes as good as it does in a fine, bone china tea cup.

I made this card at the request of my mom...I know the recipient will enjoy it..I had fun making it.. the tea cup image is free hand..made with my favourite  Melissa Frances papers..little pearls added as accents... I decided to keep this card clean and simple...showcase the Basic Grey papers in the background...focus on the tea cup...and of course had to add a little 'bling' to the steam rising from the cup ( I do apologize for the photos.. I had to use a light box to photo was night and I needed to capture the card before I got on a plane!)

I'll leave you with this quote.. which sums me up to a "T"
"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me".  ~C.S. Lewis

Good night friends ...

October 31, 2010

the witches zodiac...

Aquarius (January 21 to February 19) : Slow-going, dull and dishonest. Hates responsibility...

Pisces (February 20 to March 20) : Timid, with no confidence or willpower. Has a permanent inferiority complex...

Aries (March 21 til April 20): Impatient, scheming and rash. Will not admit when in the wrong...

Taurus (April 21 to May 22): Furious temper when finally roused. Revolted by ugliness in others...

Gemini (May 23 to June 21): Restless, undependable. Kind hearted when it suits...

Cancer (June 22 to July 22): Greedy, selfish and touchy. Will not allow others to meddle...

Leo (July 23 to August 22): Tactless, narrow minded, dogmatic and ruthless. Loves glitter...

Virgo (August 23 to September 22): Cruel, cunning, nosey and snobbish. Cannot be moved to pity...

Libra (September 23 to October 22):Easily impressed and slighted. Always looks for the easy way out...

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21): Ambitious, sarcastic and vain. Looks on others as pawns to be sacrificed...

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21): Patronising, smug and impulsive. Extremely outspoken...

Capricorn (December 22 to January 20): Shrewd, calculating and vindictive. Unaffected by flattery...

My sister brought along 2 pages with her on our vacation; from my mom to me....It was a copy out of a book my mom discovered in her stash.  It's out of the norm...funny, charming and I couldn't resist turning it into a banner to adorn the wall, to be seen as the trick or treater's come by on Halloween night. My zodiac sign is bang on.. how I love little things like these...I just had to include all of the that you can see the pictures that go along with it...get a little chuckle out of it ( I love that Leo's love glitter..being a witches horoscope and all...) get the grand scheme of it all (it spans about 4 feet of my wall)....
I distress inked the edges of the well as the cutout for the lettering at the bottom (each triangle has a letter of the words "the witch's zodiac") in case you were wondering what it spelled out..

Does your witch's zodiac sign represent you? I'd love to know...

Happy Halloween!