November 19, 2010

attitide of gratitude...

*Mom, dad and M- for all they have done, for all they still do..and will continue to do to help me along my journey..for being there when I need them.. to help me navigate through what life throws at me. Your support is what gets me through the loneliest of days.. through home sickness and my lowest lows..

*Best girlfriends- To C for being there through thick and thin...for accepting me for who I am; flaws and all... understanding that life happens; For helping with problems. Giving advice..knowing that it doesn't matter how long in between conversations; you can pick up where you left off and it's like time hasn't passed at all....
*Technology- To keep in touch with those far from me..glorious technology that allows us to be together, miles apart. To share in each others celebrate milestones together...

*Family- for reconnecting..Knowing that our roots may be spread out over different countries and provinces, but we are all apart of the same tree..Learning more about where I come from, who I take after.. a great feeling of being...

 *New friends, new experiences-for understanding what it's like to start out somewhere new. For support and much needed chats.. For being such great people..for helping, advice, tips and gestures...they do not go unnoticed. For helping us feel like we belong. For welcoming us into a new 'family'..

*Papercrafting- I am glad I have the opportunity to craft and share what I love doing. I stumbled upon this creative outlet of mine a few years ago and haven't looked back. I need to learn not to compare my work to others, and love the journey I take in creating. It is definitely my sanctuary these days..

As the year is drawing to a close, I think it's time to reflect on what I am grateful for. A couple of blogs I follow are also focusing on just the same thing.. a few have even shared today's blog title as well. In no means am I trying to copy them, only pay homage to them. You may have noticed I left out my guy.. I haven't forgotten him.. he's getting his own special post..coming up soon...he needs to know his actions do not go by unseen too.
I made this card for my best friend C. I hope she likes it.. I kept it CAS to showcase the Basic Grey papers which I can't seem to put down...some well used PTI stamps..Maya Road chipboard... yum.
I am very grateful for those of you that view my blog and leave such sweet, encouraging comments. They make my day, inspire me to push on and create..I'm glad that you all take time out of your day, and come to visit me here on the blog. I appreciate it more than you will know.
'Til next time,


  1. Sweet card and meaningful words ... It's good to reflect and creating lift the soul ... have a wonderful day Becks ...

  2. Rebekah I am so so thankful that we've "met". You are such an inspiration and I am thankful for everything you share with us. Always a beautiful creation and a heartfelt story that goes along with it. It's so lovely to visit your blog. You are talented and so so thoughtful. And I want to thank you for all your wonderful, sweet and heartfelt comments. And yes; that means a lot to me too. More than I can say...
    Enjoy your weekend!
    With gratitude and a big hug,

  3. So pretty in pink Rebekah! The pop of pink looks fabulous!


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