November 11, 2010

celebrate today...

Today is a very special day.. for a very special person in my life.. my mom

The one person always there... who always listens..who gives the best advice..

My best friend and inspiration.. my strength..

A creative talented... I am blessed to have inherited such a small part of her creativity.

A fighter.. her inner strength is something I's something I strive is limitless..

She is selfless; sacrificed a lot for her family.. for which I am forever grateful...

Super supportive, caring and thoughtful...

I am thankful to have her in my life.Although she may not feel like celebrating her birthday,  I'm celebrating having her in my life...birthdays, after all, are meant for that...for all shes done for me and continues to do so.....I may never be able to repay it all...she brightens my darkest days; my darkest my support over the phone or through messages..I hope I can do the same for her.. she is always with me, always on my mind.. no matter how far apart we may be..
I love you mom, wish I could be there to celebrate with you..
Sending love across the miles,
Love always,


  1. I'm speechless; there is nothing to say, You said it all with your card and your story. I'm impressed and I love it. Every piece and bit of it. Gorgeous!


  3. Beautiful card ... beautiful words ... enjoy your day Becks

  4. That was moving and felt in the deepest depths of my soul. It means the world to me at this difficult time in our lives.


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