September 29, 2010

autumn leaves...

are all over my back yard..Orange, gold, ochre and red as far as the eye can see. They blanket the ground, and hide the grass...The breeze coaxes the leaves from their branches; they swirl down from the trees and join the others on the ground. A spectacular fall heart is happy..We will not rake the leaves yet, they shall stay there in their gorgeous's a futile effort anyways, there are more leaves waiting to fall...
This card was the last of the set that I was making for my cousin. I have to say it was the most fun to make as well.. I had the little raffle ticket sitting in my stash for the longest while..and had the perfect opportunity to use it. I tried to make the background papers mimic a quilt, with all the patches and stitching..a mixture of Melissa Frances papers, The Girl's Paperie(how I adore their papers!)P.T.I patterned paper as well. Of course I had to use my favourite embellishments-buttons. It helps tie in with the theme I was going for. 
I also made sure to add a doily and a flower to my card so I could play along with the CCCB challenge this week that Ros has set out... It's good to be getting back into challenges and sketch sites!
Here's a peek at the set I excitedly sent out in the mail today. I hope Bibi enjoys them as much as I enjoyed creating them for her.

Til next time friends,

September 25, 2010

old friends...

It's true what they say- it takes a long time to grow an old friend. Then again, some times you find a person who you have known for only months yet it feels like you have known them forever. You have the same likes and dislikes; same opinions; the same's like you are the same person, inhabiting two bodies. Yet you can't be entirely alike; no, you do differ on some likes and dislikes. But you know the feeling; you're old souls.. You get along famously; the time you've known each other is irrellevant. You stop and think "where have these people been my whole life?" 

I have met a few people like that in my life. Some, who I thought would be life long friends, end up disappointing, and in the end you find out you didn't really know them at all. Others understand me completely, and have been there through thick and thin... over great distances, no matter what separates you... be it a time zone (or a few provinces). Who are always there for you no matter what time, no matter how trivial you think your problem is...

I am blessed to have both types of people in my life. I cherish these relationships. They are far different from the relationships I have with my family, yet these people are, and have become my family. Part of the extended clan...and I am greatful for each and every one of them.

The sentiment on this card made me think of the wonderful friends that I have in my life, and the people who no longer have that privilege. I used some of my favourite items on this card: I'm drooling over the burnt orange colour of the seam binding...played around with some background stamps(PTI's wood grain stamp-  love it!) The ever-so-delicate swirls stamped in VersaMark ink on the envelope ( look real close they are there!) musical butterflies- 'cuz they make my heart soar, combining another great love of Stitching and some new Basic Grey Capella papers peeking out.. yum oh yum..

While it does take a long time to grow an old friend,  don't forget about those who feel like old friends and are really new friends, along on this great journey with you...
Til next time,

September 19, 2010

stormy weather...

The weather outside reflects my mood. There are dark, grey storm clouds rolling in...The wind is shaking the tree in my front yard. Normally I love a good storm; all warm and cozy inside the and baking yummy food...but not today.

The weather outside reminds me that old man winter is on his way.. Winter is my least favourite season. It will be worse now that I live in the north. I will be missing the mild west coast winters where it may flurry for a day and then be gone.. not where the temperatures get to minus 50...I'm not looking forward to it, being an island gal and all...

The weather outside calls for a hearty stew simmering on the stove, filling the kitchen with wonderful smells.. To warm up my hard working guy on his lunch break.. Today calls for a large hot cup of coffee and curling up on the couch watching foodie shows..or settling in the studio for some crafting time...perhaps all three; I've got nothing but time..

I decided to showcase this bright little lift a dark mood...I adore the bird image! I enjoy watching the few birds come to the feeder in the tree out front.  The birdseed is mainly eaten by my squirrel friend..I don't mind..don't chase him away...squirrels need to eat too.

I used some beautiful Melissa Frances papers.. I have to admit to hoarding these papers..I can't find them anywhere in Canada.. so I get them online and thats few and far between...A K&Company image..been awhile since I've used any K&Company products.. I made the frame and glittered it ever so slightly with sparkle paint. After taking pictures and looking at them on the computer I realized that it was a bit one   dimensional so I decided to make the frame stand out more, and added 3-D dots to it.I then decided to flip the frame so the buttons were at the bottom instead of the top... changes changes, a girls perogative..

Speaking of changes remember this little number I made here? Well I decided to change it too.. something about it wasn't sitting right with me. I like it this way much better.
Change is a good thing...
Thanks for your visit.
Have a great weekend, or what's left of one...

September 12, 2010

rainy day blues...

I have this cake stand; to some its just an ordinary cake stand. It sits proudly on my kitchen counter. It has its own special spot. It is most happy when it is full of scrumptious home made goodies. It is an ordinary cake stand. It doesn't have a story behind hasn't been passed down through the is what it is; a cake stand.

While it has no history behind it, it is the most special of all the items in my kitchen. It has a lovely crystal clear ball which sits on top of its clear dome- the perfect handle in my opinion. I love filling it with stacked,golden
lemon madeleines-a favourite treat of mine.Or perhaps muffins, or cupcakes..cookies too.

 My special cake stand, with its perfect ball handle takes away the rainy day blues, the ups and downs of being away from family..Every time I pass by it I have to smile. It reminds me of the person who gave it to me: my sister. It brings back good memories of a Christmas passed by. That was a good holiday, good memories..

This card is card 3 of 6 for my cousin. Yummy glitter all over a Tim Holtz butterfly. I can't get enough of the sparkle! I had fun adding layers to look at.. the music sheet butterfly.. a handmade button..I have an obsession with bingo cards..this button got stamped with just the centre of my bingo card stamp. I love it. It too has a shiny sparkle to it. A bit of tea-dyed twill tape and the addition of the tiny tag round out the layers. Are you are wondering what that FAB patterned paper is peeking out from behind everything? It's from one of my fave companies Upsy Daisy Designs.. they are based in Victoria BC..from my former neck of the woods. I think its very important to support local companies, don't you? Give them a might find something you like.

Thanks for your visit tonight. As always I appreciate it, and the sweet comments! With out you I wouldn't have made it this far.
Now, if you excuse me, I'm off to dream up something wonderful to put in that magical cake stand of mine...
Sweet dreams everyone

September 7, 2010


Its just lil ole me. Checking in again with a little creation... It's slowly becoming one of my fave times of the year; fall.. I haven't come across anyone yet that doesn't love the fall. The crisp weather, falling leaves, gorgeous colours on the trees...Thanksgiving and Halloween... Soup and stew weather..Apple and pumpkin pies..Spiced and Chai lattes.. The warm, amazing smells coming out of the kitchen..comfort food..I love every minute of it. We hope to get in a few more outdoor fires in before the snow flies or it gets too cold. Good times sat around the fire pit, chatting with friends late into the night.. Can't get any better than that!

This little creation is another for my cousin Bibianne. I do hope she likes it. I made sure to add some music note butterflies.. a favourite of mine. I know she will appreciate the musical addition. Her whole family is musically talented..and she has commented on the butterflies when I've included them in other creations.
Yum.. this trim makes me drool.. it makes me feel so comfy.. I adore adding vintage looking trims to anything. Another textural aspect to just using paper products..
                                                               {click pictures to enlarge}
Have I mentioned how much I {heart} The Girls Paperie papers.. they are so feminine and wonderful. I love playing around with them, matching them together or with other lines..softening up the brown polka dots(another fave of mine) with some floral paper and pink zig zag stitching, sheer ribbon..It warms this shabby-vintage-lovin' heart of mine.
Til next time friends,
Thanks for visiting..