September 12, 2010

rainy day blues...

I have this cake stand; to some its just an ordinary cake stand. It sits proudly on my kitchen counter. It has its own special spot. It is most happy when it is full of scrumptious home made goodies. It is an ordinary cake stand. It doesn't have a story behind hasn't been passed down through the is what it is; a cake stand.

While it has no history behind it, it is the most special of all the items in my kitchen. It has a lovely crystal clear ball which sits on top of its clear dome- the perfect handle in my opinion. I love filling it with stacked,golden
lemon madeleines-a favourite treat of mine.Or perhaps muffins, or cupcakes..cookies too.

 My special cake stand, with its perfect ball handle takes away the rainy day blues, the ups and downs of being away from family..Every time I pass by it I have to smile. It reminds me of the person who gave it to me: my sister. It brings back good memories of a Christmas passed by. That was a good holiday, good memories..

This card is card 3 of 6 for my cousin. Yummy glitter all over a Tim Holtz butterfly. I can't get enough of the sparkle! I had fun adding layers to look at.. the music sheet butterfly.. a handmade button..I have an obsession with bingo cards..this button got stamped with just the centre of my bingo card stamp. I love it. It too has a shiny sparkle to it. A bit of tea-dyed twill tape and the addition of the tiny tag round out the layers. Are you are wondering what that FAB patterned paper is peeking out from behind everything? It's from one of my fave companies Upsy Daisy Designs.. they are based in Victoria BC..from my former neck of the woods. I think its very important to support local companies, don't you? Give them a might find something you like.

Thanks for your visit tonight. As always I appreciate it, and the sweet comments! With out you I wouldn't have made it this far.
Now, if you excuse me, I'm off to dream up something wonderful to put in that magical cake stand of mine...
Sweet dreams everyone


  1. Beautiful card and love the glittered butterfly ... your handmade button ... and the story of your cake stand ... funny but I think we all have something like that ... no history ... just comforting and it just seems to "fit' with us ..
    Have a lovely day ...

  2. Thanks so much for the tip Becks ... will try that

  3. Rebekah it's always lovely to visit your blog. There is always a gorgeous creation and I love the story about your cake stand. No history but it is bringing back sweet memories and that's priceless.
    And your card; what do you think? BREATHTAKING!!!
    Have a wonderful day!


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