September 7, 2010


Its just lil ole me. Checking in again with a little creation... It's slowly becoming one of my fave times of the year; fall.. I haven't come across anyone yet that doesn't love the fall. The crisp weather, falling leaves, gorgeous colours on the trees...Thanksgiving and Halloween... Soup and stew weather..Apple and pumpkin pies..Spiced and Chai lattes.. The warm, amazing smells coming out of the kitchen..comfort food..I love every minute of it. We hope to get in a few more outdoor fires in before the snow flies or it gets too cold. Good times sat around the fire pit, chatting with friends late into the night.. Can't get any better than that!

This little creation is another for my cousin Bibianne. I do hope she likes it. I made sure to add some music note butterflies.. a favourite of mine. I know she will appreciate the musical addition. Her whole family is musically talented..and she has commented on the butterflies when I've included them in other creations.
Yum.. this trim makes me drool.. it makes me feel so comfy.. I adore adding vintage looking trims to anything. Another textural aspect to just using paper products..
                                                               {click pictures to enlarge}
Have I mentioned how much I {heart} The Girls Paperie papers.. they are so feminine and wonderful. I love playing around with them, matching them together or with other lines..softening up the brown polka dots(another fave of mine) with some floral paper and pink zig zag stitching, sheer ribbon..It warms this shabby-vintage-lovin' heart of mine.
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  1. Beautiful, dreamy creation Becks ... I'm sure it will be a keepsake ... Loving that lace! ... Left another award for you at my blog ...

  2. Oh my....this is THE PERFECT card; I love every piece of it. What more can I say? So so beautiful!

  3. Oooh this is sooo sooo delicate and pretty!

  4. Beautiful - can you tell me where you got the JUST A NOTE ticket from (company)???


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