August 29, 2010

sew lovely...

I am all thumbs when it comes to sewing. I only recently learned how to properly thread the sewing machine. My mom has tried to teach me for years and years. One day while browsing my favourite blogs, I noticed trends of snazzy stitching added to layouts and cards and thought "you have to bite the bullet and master the sewing machine." Well, master I have not, but I can get by(barely). I often dread changing thread  colours and messing up the bobbin. There are days when I fight with the old Singer, but most of the time we work through our differences and produce zigzag stitching along a card edge. Maybe one day I will produce gorgeous quilts and graduate from making pillow cases and curtains....
There is something I adore about sewing patterns. Perhaps it's the vision of the end product; making something fabulous from a piece of fabric...Its yet to happen. So in the meantime I use them to produce fun embellishments. Definitely not used for its intended purpose...I'm sure the sewing pattern inventors are mortified by my creative destruction of the pattern paper.
I adore this dress form as well. I've seen them scattered about here and there, and decided to whip up my own template and adorn as I please. Odd ends of trim and ribbons.. a little something special to dress up the neckline... it's love...pure and simple.
This 'sew lovely' number is for my cousin Bibianne. She has requested some cards and, as always; I am more than happy to oblige in any request to share my creations. She always has a sweet, encouraging comment about my cards...they sure brighten up my day!
I had fun using some new P.T.I. goodies...Tin type impression plate( I just love their impression plates) and my new favourite vintage cream cardstock. My favourite blank canvas for cards; just the perfect hue of  cream-the best weight of cardstock. This satisfies my creamy card stock lovin' crafty soul...
I promise to post more that I am over my illness. I have been itching to get back in the studio and finish up some projects.
Stay tuned.. lots of fun cards and projects are on the way
Thanks for visiting,
G'night friends!


  1. Simply adorable Becks ... I love that dress form you made ... Stunning! Just Love your card ...

  2. Oh my...this is sooooooo beautiful. I love it all but that skirt is my favorite. Fabulous card.
    Sorry to read you have been ill. Hope you're feeling better now.


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