August 8, 2010

postage stamps and pen-pals...

I love getting mail...old fashioned mail.. handwritten messages jotted in cards, long letters full of daily comings and goings; events and celebrations; day to day life simplified into a few moments spent writing a note to a friend. There's nothing better than seeing a letter or card amongst the dreary bills sitting in the post box.

I  remember the days of writing to pen-pals; impatiently anticipating a return letter in the post box, writing about anything and everything. Those envelopes adorned with postage stamps of another country...what happened to those days?It seems that now-a-days we are all too busy to take the time to write a little note, tuck in an envelope and send it out to brighten someones day.
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Part of the reason I love making cards is to revitalize those days of old, to make someone's day with a card and a handwritten gem tucked inside. I know how much it makes me happy to find one in my post box.. a little ray of sunshine..
I just love this frame from Making Memories. My Slice machine has found a new was sitting pretty neglected by me for the longest while.
The second I saw the frame it reminded me of the postage stamps found on those pen-pal letters...and immediately I set about shimmering and distressing.. getting it to look just right before settling in place on the card...

Very versatile, it can add that much needed embellishment without being too overpowering... I promise these frames have a delicious shimmer to them in person.. They have left the comfort of my studio and have been sent out with thoughts of birthday celebrations, and an uplifting message to a friend going through hard times..hopefully bringing a little joy into their day...
Thinking of a simpler time,


  1. I so love reading your blog ... love your cards ... Love all the little details. I too appreciate a hand written letter but rarely get them.
    Enjoy your day Becks

  2. Well, this is my first visit and all I can say is; I love, love, love all your beautiful creations. You are very talented; I can learn a lot from you!
    Saw your mini album and now this; gorgeous!


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