April 20, 2014

Hoppy Easter!

Hey all! Just hopping by to share a tutorial I did for Curtsey Boutique.


To create the bunny bag first start by taking out the hem and the twine at the top of the burlap bag and cut ear shapes out of the top. 


Using paint and a foam brush paint on two ears and then two circles to make the bunny body. Add a nose and eyes if desired. Using a piece of the twine removed in step one, thread through using a 
large needle to create whiskers.


Using a double stand of bakers twine, feed around the bag using a needle to create a drawstring/ bow around the neck of the bunny.


Add a tag with name and bow, and a white rolled felt flower to the back of the bag for the bunny tail.


Fill with candy and pull the drawstring close into a bow.
Create a whole herd of bunnies and give them away!

Happy Easter!!

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