October 31, 2011

boo to you...

                                                     Happy Halloween!!

October 20, 2011

wreath wrap up...{tutorial}

I'm in Christmas card mode courtesy of a dear friends request for some... She selected the reindeer wreath ornament cards I had put up on the blog last year here and again here. Awhile ago one of my blog readers asked for a tutorial on these and I finally have gotten around to it.
Lets get started shall we?


*fabric scraps or fabric cut into strips.
*thin cardboard and card stock
*glue(Fast grab Tacky glue is my fave here)
*hot glue gun and glue
* sheet music or old bookprint
*glimmer mist or glitter(optional)
*pinking shears

Start by cutting out a circle of cardboard the size you want your ornament to be. Cut a smaller circle out of the middle. Mine are roughly 3 inches wide.

Cut fabric into strips..mine were about 1/4 inch wide by an inch and a half long. I used pinking shears to give the edges some character.
Starting the first layer:
This is my new best friend. Last year I used hot glue to glue all of the layers. It is effective but you have to be very sparing with the application of hot glue (in my opinion). This glue is awesome for keeping the layers where you want them to stick. And no burnt fingertips either is always a plus in my books. :)
Glue strips onto the circle leaving a bit overhanging into the middle of the circle. Turn circle over and glue down the bits overhanging to make a smooth inside of the wreath.
Glue more strips in between to complete the first layer.
Add in another layer of strips on top of the first layer (let the first layer dry first..I did a bunch of ornaments at a time layer by layer) Allow for different lengths for each layer. I ended up doing 3 in total. Stagger the layers over the seams of the previous layer so you get a nice effect in the end.

Here's an example of each step in the process. You can see how it gets filled out as you add layers.(click on picture to enlarge)
 For a little extra shine and to make it more festive I used my Glimmer mist in Antique gold..you could use really fine glitter and adhesive spray should you wish. Spray all over finished wreath before added embellies.

 Once your wreaths are all glittered up, cut circles of sheet music(or old book print would look fab as well) slightly bigger than your inner circle. Glue to the back of the wreath over the fabric scraps that have been glued down layer by layer.
**tip: trim all the excess fabric bits off to make finished product look nicer. **

Cut ribbon to make a loop to hang your ornament by and using hot glue, attach to the back of the wreath before securing a card stock circle the size of the finished wreath to hide all the mess we've created.I secured mine with hot glue as I found it made for a better finished product. (As you can see I changed models in between steps..ignore this. lol)
Add a handmade bow and a button as well as some embellishments to the wreath. Mine are from a package of confetti my mom got for me years ago. Attach to a card with some re-positionable adhesive, add to a wrapped present..sky's the limit. I've also thought of adding a nice diecut circle to the back card stock, to add a handwritten message to the back of the ornament.
Voila! Simple as pie and easy to whip up a big batch.
I'll be back to show how I used these babies on the cards for my friend.
See you soon,

October 13, 2011

thankful for...

We just celebrated Thanksgiving here at the beginning of the week.. it is one of my favourite times of year. A chance to look back at all we have accomplished, looking forward to what's yet to come.. being thankful for all we have.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am so thankful for technology..to keep me in touch with friends and family..It keeps me sane, knowing I can just reach out and talk to people all over the globe.
So grateful for relationships, cherishing friends that just understand who am I and what I'm going through on a daily basis.. Nurturing 'new' relationships which have been such a blessing to me over the past year or so. So glad that people have come into my life when they did and feel like they have been there forever..
SO thankful for my family...for phone calls and text messages.. talking almost daily. It's like I never left home...very comforting.. Thankful for our two fur faced Thing 1 and Thing 2 for being in our lives and making it unpredictable and fun.
Building our own little 'family' with friends..  making the most of being away from our individual  families...making sure we included everyone for our little Thanksgiving dinner...lots of laughs and good food...surrounded by good people. A feeling of normal again..
I've had so much fun lately playing around with paper scraps and such...using some cool items from my aunt(the fluffy butterfly), making cameo's and mini keys.. in a very creative space of late, and I'm loving it.
Thankful for your visit, as always

October 6, 2011

lovely layers...

I'll say it again.. I love fall. Layers upon layers to be found...
Leaves layered on the ground in all shapes, sizes and colours...
Celebrations, holidays, and birthdays this month, there are a few...
Cozy sweaters layered over long sleeve shirts...soft scarves to keep out the crispness in the air...legwarmers and boot socks peeking out over comfy boots. I love dressing for fall.
Hot drinks with great spices...Chai lattes(my favourite) and pumpkin spiced ones too...Mexican hot chocolates.. great layers of flavours.. yum oh yum.
One of my favourite holidays this month. Hosting our first Thanksgiving for some of our friends without family out here..learning to make best of the situation...
Fall marks the start of hockey season.. watching the first game for my team(go Canucks go) as I type..games will get me through the winter and keep me sane..Fall is just wonderful!

Building on the layered theme..I had such a creative mode going the other night, playing in my craft room..using my new love; hand made cameos... be forewarned.-you will be seeing them regularly. I love the layering here..paper doilies, a crocheted doily..some lace from my aunt..ribbons, cameo, pearl drops, bling...love oh love.. I do hope my photos do justice..I can't wait for the recipient to get this card.. she is one of my most favourite people in the whole world...
Happy to add I stumbled across another new to me challenge blog Paper Sundaes..Going to add this to the current challenge of Lots of Layers
Now, I'm off to watch my team play,
Thanks for stopping by!