February 23, 2010

gettin' sketchy...

Hey y'all!
Now, I have to admit...I'm usually not one to use card sketch sites.. I rearrange my items on the card and play with them til I feel they look right.. It's just what I do; my creative process. But lately I get so frustrated with spending so much time playing around with items that I went searching for some inspiration, and came across a blog I've been following but neglecting to read lately.. I'm sure many of you are familiar with it..2 sketches 4 you. I was drawn to this weeks sketch and decided what the heck.. and took a shot at it and this is what I came up with.. 

I think I'm going to use this layout a few more times.. I have some cards that I have been neglecting to do as well.(Studying is getting in the way of crafting! LOL) This card came together rather quickly.. which makes me happy.. maybe I should spend more time on blogs like this one.. If anyone can let me know of a few more sites like this I'd love to check them out!
Well, the (finance) books are calling... ohh to be done with this semester!! :P
Night friends!

February 17, 2010

torquoise and avacado...

 If you are thinking "that's quite an unusual title for a blog post "well, you maybe right.. But it's a clue for ya....its time for another Lilybean photo inspiration challenge!! And this one doesn't fail to impress and awaken the senses!!Melissa knows how to pick them, doesn't she!! I can't wait to see how she interprets this one.
 {Photo Courtesy of A Creative Mint}

Isn't this such a beautiful blend of colours..they just pop out at you.. I think that beading is just fab!

I followed the colour scheme for this one.. here's my attempt at the rose... the one element I could replicate..

Need I mention which papers are peeking out from the background? hehe. That's right folks.. moreK&Company...you'd think that's the only paper pad I have.. not true. It's just my favourite one at the moment.. I'm sure when I find another paper pad to fall head over heels with, we will all be sick of that soon too... So very much unlike me. I hoard papers like its no ones business! 
I'm looking forward to a whole day of crafting tomorrow!! It's "reading week" (2 days for us here) and I have no class tomorrow.. I can't wait to get started.. AND, I don't want to jinx myself, but hopefully an exciting bit of news in the weeks to come! (Don't wanna share just yet.. but I'm pretty excited!!)So be sure to check back often for that lil bit of info!
Have a great night folks!

February 15, 2010


Happy Monday !
Yes, I'm back again with another "lovey dovey" card.. I'm quite pleased how this came out. The card itself is about 7 inches long!! I had this grunge board key from the Tim Holtz collection and thought "what the heck am I going to do with it??" I don't scrapbook so it's a little large for card making..but the opportunity presented itself and here we are..it's all spiffed up with some lovely gold paint, and some distress ink.. I took a file to the edges and sanded them a bit. Then I embossed some text onto it and tied on a pink bow..

  It's a simple little card, soft and vintage..it went to a good home; to someone who will treasure it, which is the best feeling to me..I have to mention that I hit a (small) jackpot at the thrift store with trims.. I drool over the different bits and pieces I got my hands on.. all of the projects to come.. I promise I won't hoard these ones.. They sit on my desk in my glass jar, tempting me to use them in some fashion- to add a bit of softness to my creations..
I'll be back later in the week, with my take on the lovely Melissa Phillips photo inspiration challenge.. it's a yummy one! Be on the look out for that!
Have a good night friends!

February 14, 2010

love has wings...

"...ready to fly.Oh love, linger a while.Rest Your tired wings on the branch of my heart..."-Cheryl Griffith

 Happy Valentines Day!

I hope that where ever you are, you are spending today with your special sweetheart, or family and friends.  Thought I'd share with you a special card I made. It's a larger version of a mini love note I made earlier. I loved the concept so much I decided to enlarge it to a full sized card.. since the original was only 3" x 3".
There's something about tea stained sheet music, a little distress ink and a simple elegant stamp to create something very magical...I just love the pairing of these elements.


Just take a peek at the finished product.. a perfect Valentine to give to your sweetheart. Again, there are those gorgeous K&Company muted papers peeking out from the background..some of my favourite tea stained trims..a little ivory felt and there you have it..I love the soft feel to the card.. 
Have a great Valentines day.. and remember to celebrate love everyday.. we often forget and take people for granted...keep the spirit going!
Much love,

February 13, 2010

little love notes...


 Hello again!
Boy, where did the last week go? I've been very busy; happily crafting when ever I get the chance... In honour of Valentines Day, I created these little love notes...to send to my boy, and to give away  to some very special co-workers.. Once I get hooked on a theme I just run with it.. I love the idea of love.. 

This one has to be my favourite. It got tucked into a care package of linzor cookies that my boy received. A touch of home when you're away from home, hopefully making him feel all warm and fuzzy inside...More of those K&Company papers here.. a yummy Tim Holtz stamp, perhaps used in an unusual fashion.. but I love those swirly curls.. makes the heart seem like it has wings..
Using up some scraps here.. all my favourite little things.. paper edgers, beautiful pink ribbon, lacy doily..and a P.T.I stamp.. I adore this Signature Greetings set... as you can tell, it pops in everywhere lately!

Mmmmm... a couple of my fave P.T.I sets here.. Giga Guide Lines and Text Style...an odd end of ribbon, a sweet little button and of course some mini rhinestones.. very girly..

I went a little red here.. but whats Valentine's day with out a touch of red? 
Well, I'm off to create a few more cards... and more love-y cards to follow this post.. after all, Valentines Day only comes once a year!
Happy crafting! Thanks for stopping by!


February 4, 2010

key to my heart....

Hello again friends,
Wow. The weekend is upon us already. Where did the time go? Thought I'd pop on tonight to post one last post before next week. I'm off for the weekend, heading east to visit my guy. A nice weekend trip..always too short if you ask me.. and this one, I'm sure will fly by that much faster. So with him in mind, here's another Valentines Day card.. more subdued than the last.. but still a piece of my heart...Did I happen to mention that I {heart}K&Company papers...only about a DOZEN or so times by now... well, this card is no exception...

Soft pastel pinks, creams.. bit of lacy trim...another of my handmade flowers...I'm finding use for all my edgings I tell you! Some distressed, glittery grunge board care of Tim Holtz (who doesn't love his products?!) How surprising...there's my fave P.T.I text in the background with a swirly flirty sentiment from Signature Greetings.. another set that's becoming my fave too.. I love how Dawn's handwriting mixes with the font.. delish! :D
I hear it's going to be chilly heading to SK...I hate leaving our beautiful weather in BC...but it will be a wonderful weekend for sure.
Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend.. hope to see you all here next week!
Time to get packin'...

February 3, 2010

beautiful dreamer...

I just love the middle of the week...no work, only classes to attend.. and apart from an early morning Thursday class, leaves me pretty much the rest of Thursday to craft and create(even tho I should be doing assignments...ohh the life of a finance student.) 
Today I'm here to share some love.. for all those talented, sweet ladies who left kind words on my lil' ole blog here... Many of these ladies I have followed for ages...so to see they took some time out to visit my blog makes me so very happy!Diane  Vanessa  sewingseeds4u  Mellisa Sauls  Nerina  Stella Jacqueline Lynn Leonie Cath and of course my friend Becca and my most favourite,the talented blogger and crafter Melissa Phillips (soo surprised by her sweet encouraging comment! wow-o-wow!) Take some time to check out their blogs..very talented bunch let me tell you!
So here is a simple Valentines day card I made.. I have to admit..I'm not the biggest fan of Valentines Day. I'm what you can call a "Valentines Day scrooge".. not to say I'm bitter.. I have the love of my life, in my life.. I'm just not for the whole commercializing of it..I love the thought behind it..setting aside a special day to celebrate love..Me, I'm a fan of celebrating all those I love everyday.. but it's still nice to see everyone outwardly showing love on Valentines Day. That being said, I love making Valentines Day cards for people, to give to their special someone..they are the most fun cards to create, for me at least.
I just had to go for that ruby red glitter.It was irresistible...makes it pop don't ya think? I used some Basic Grey papers from their Eskimo Kisses line.. fits well with all that red and pink.. perfect for Valentines Day. Who knew Christmas papers could do double duty.. my most favourite P.T.I stamp..Background Basics Text-style..I swear I only use that stamp out of the three.. I just love the way it flows..Getting back in touch with my Slice machine.. I just love that little machine.. 
Well, it's about that time to get ready to head out to class..where does the time go?
Thanks for takin some time to stop by!

February 1, 2010

lovely LilyBean...

Happy Tuesday!

What fun my fingers have had crafting today. As many of you may know, the very talented Melissa Phillips has issued another photo inspiration challenge on her blog I just love this weeks pic, courtesy of A Creative Mint. This is one of the many blogs I follow, and LOVE her pictures. You should see her gorgeous take on pinks this week...so beautiful!
Here's the inspiration photo for the challenge: I warn you.. its a yummy delight for the eyes.. I don't know where to look first..The pretty vintage envelope, all that creamy goodness, with red accents..twine, buttons...ohhh so much to take it.. so pretty and VERY inspirational..

 A sneaky peek for ya of my take on the photo:

 Can you see where I'm headed here? Hmmm.. yea. it's not too hard to see which area of the photo I focused on...
What do ya think? I totally ran with the whole packaged letters. Here I wanted it to feel like you were just setting out to mail a postcard, and these are the items on your writing desk.. Want it to feel like its the whole package that goes along with writing and sending out a letter, or handmade card... all tied up together in one. I borrowed some twine, the red and white colour scheme..and just kept on going. I wanted some of that lovely texture you see poking out from the background of the photo challenge picture.. I seem to pick up on that in photos..it's there but subtle.. and gives me the excuse to heat emboss the heck outta stuff..
What goodies did I use here..hmm.. P.T.I. Signature greetings, Tim Holtz stamps(love his stamps!) Daisy D's papers, Kraft cardstock, bits and bobs...
Hope you enjoy your day. That's it for me for now.. If you have a chance, join in the fun and play along.. I'm already itching to know what next weeks pic will be.. I just love a challenge..