February 15, 2010


Happy Monday !
Yes, I'm back again with another "lovey dovey" card.. I'm quite pleased how this came out. The card itself is about 7 inches long!! I had this grunge board key from the Tim Holtz collection and thought "what the heck am I going to do with it??" I don't scrapbook so it's a little large for card making..but the opportunity presented itself and here we are..it's all spiffed up with some lovely gold paint, and some distress ink.. I took a file to the edges and sanded them a bit. Then I embossed some text onto it and tied on a pink bow..

  It's a simple little card, soft and vintage..it went to a good home; to someone who will treasure it, which is the best feeling to me..I have to mention that I hit a (small) jackpot at the thrift store with trims.. I drool over the different bits and pieces I got my hands on.. all of the projects to come.. I promise I won't hoard these ones.. They sit on my desk in my glass jar, tempting me to use them in some fashion- to add a bit of softness to my creations..
I'll be back later in the week, with my take on the lovely Melissa Phillips photo inspiration challenge.. it's a yummy one! Be on the look out for that!
Have a good night friends!

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