September 19, 2010

stormy weather...

The weather outside reflects my mood. There are dark, grey storm clouds rolling in...The wind is shaking the tree in my front yard. Normally I love a good storm; all warm and cozy inside the and baking yummy food...but not today.

The weather outside reminds me that old man winter is on his way.. Winter is my least favourite season. It will be worse now that I live in the north. I will be missing the mild west coast winters where it may flurry for a day and then be gone.. not where the temperatures get to minus 50...I'm not looking forward to it, being an island gal and all...

The weather outside calls for a hearty stew simmering on the stove, filling the kitchen with wonderful smells.. To warm up my hard working guy on his lunch break.. Today calls for a large hot cup of coffee and curling up on the couch watching foodie shows..or settling in the studio for some crafting time...perhaps all three; I've got nothing but time..

I decided to showcase this bright little lift a dark mood...I adore the bird image! I enjoy watching the few birds come to the feeder in the tree out front.  The birdseed is mainly eaten by my squirrel friend..I don't mind..don't chase him away...squirrels need to eat too.

I used some beautiful Melissa Frances papers.. I have to admit to hoarding these papers..I can't find them anywhere in Canada.. so I get them online and thats few and far between...A K&Company image..been awhile since I've used any K&Company products.. I made the frame and glittered it ever so slightly with sparkle paint. After taking pictures and looking at them on the computer I realized that it was a bit one   dimensional so I decided to make the frame stand out more, and added 3-D dots to it.I then decided to flip the frame so the buttons were at the bottom instead of the top... changes changes, a girls perogative..

Speaking of changes remember this little number I made here? Well I decided to change it too.. something about it wasn't sitting right with me. I like it this way much better.
Change is a good thing...
Thanks for your visit.
Have a great weekend, or what's left of one...


  1. Crossing between worlds and the other side of yesterdaySeptember 19, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    everything is wonderful as usual.

  2. Beautiful card ... love the bird and the music paper peeking out ... Have a wonderful day .... storm or no storm xxx

  3. Beautiful card; every detail is just perfect. The MF pasper is gorgeous. I hope the storm already passed :)


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