November 15, 2010

home sweet home...

I know that when I go matter where the physical structure may be, it's that familiar feeling that envelopes me that lets me know I'm 'at home.' I've moved around my fair share and it didn't matter where I was in the world, as long as my family were together; home was there.

Home to me is the feeling of comfort you get walking through the door. It's knowing that your home is your sanctuary; somewhere you feel safe.Somewhere you can forget about the big bad world out there.Its not the four walls, or the roof above our heads... no, its much more than that.For me, it's the people who occupy the house that makes it a home..

Home these days may not be my first choice of locations; far from it to be honest...I'd rather be living with my family; closer at least.... but I'm slowly  learning to make this house our home. We are changing things to suit ourselves. Its small things that make the house's the familiar sounds that I hear when I'm puttering around my craft room..the swishing of the dishwasher; the sounds of gun fire as my guy plays his online games..sounds that turn an ordinary house into a home.

I made this card to welcome one of my guy's co-workers to the neighbourhood, and congratulate them on their new house. I baked up a batch of cookies to send along with the card. They live a few houses down from us, and I'm sure will quickly start turning their new house into a home..

I found these quotes and will share it with you as I leave for the night,

My home is not a place, it is people.
~ Lois McMaster Bujold

"A house is made of brick and mortar,
but home is made by the people who live there."
M. K. Soni

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  1. So lovely Becks ... I'm sure your friends will really appreciate this ... I'm a real home bird too ...

  2. Becks you;re a fabulous storyteller. I love to read your posts. You let your heart speak and I love it. The card is gorgeous; as always :)
    And I am just like Ros; I am a home bird too :)


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