December 4, 2010

count your blessings...

"When I count my blessings, I count you twice"

This post is a bit delayed. It's a continuation of my 'thankful posts' The first one can be found here,  if you haven't read it yet. In the last one, I "left out" one important person in my life I am thankful for; my guy. This post is for him...
For everything you do to make life that much easier..
For your generous nature..
Your sense of humour; your laugh. It warms my soul, lifts a gloomy day...
For naps on the couch, snuggled up..
Pretending to 'give in' when play fighting.. 'cuz we both know you are way stronger than I am, but you let me 'win' some days..
How you won't leave the house with out a kiss goodbye..
Your protective and helpful nature, and the fact you do that every day in your career...wanting to do better for everyone, not just yourself.
Long car rides into the city, full of great conversations, laughs...bopping to music... remembering..
For support and ideas with my creativity..
For the life you are providing for us..

Getting to spend this journey with you for the last 9 years and for many years to come..
You are my best friend, soul mate,my perfect match.
You are sexy, loving, sweet and funny..supportive, strong, gentle and most importantly; all mine.
I definitely count you twice when I count my blessings.


  1. Beautiful Becks ... love the flower, the buttons and the serenity of the card ... your post is lovely ... he sounds a lovely guy

  2. Rebekah this is gorgeous. The card is breathtaking and I love the soft and subtle colors you've used. And the story is lovely. You are a lucky girl with "your guy". I know how it feels; I have that kind of "guy" too....
    and love him to pieces :)

  3. Oh so very pretty Rebekah! Love the lace & fabric flower!


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