December 3, 2011

show and tell...

Hi there,
Just popping in with some pictures from a trade show I did. I spent the better part of 2 weeks busily creating cards...
I am so glad it is over, although I'm still up to my ears in card making.. taking orders at the show, taking requests from my aunt, from the blog-o..I've yet to start my own Christmas cards.. I better get a move on.
I'll admit that the set up and display was a bit of a last minute decision.. I knew I wanted to use my large frame, but aside from that I had no idea. I decided to combine my love of reading with crafting and voila! A display I was pretty proud of.
Some crates from my craft room helped to add some height and interest.. I loved the touch the painted frames added.. next time I hope to have more time and do up more cards.. You think you have enough til you see them on the table..

My guy snapped a pic of me with the display just before the door opened. He was so good to stay with me the whole time, helping take payments, packaging cards, basically keeping me company and minding the table when I went out and mingled with the other vendors. It was such a good turnout. So thankful I was asked to do the show. I learned alot of what to do and what not to do for next time.
Thanks for stopping by, 
I'll be popping in again soon with a bunch of cards!

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  1. Hi Becks ... your cards look wonderful ... and I'm so glad you enjoyed it and got lots of orders ... Enjoy your weekend


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