February 28, 2012

tag! you're it...

Boy, does that saying take me back to my childhood and long days on the playground. Happy and content to be out in the sunshine playing with school friends, running around til we are tired. You couldn't get us to sit inside. Oh no, we'd rather be outside.

How drastically things have changed. The days of my childhood are a far cry from generations younger than I am. So wrapped up in video games..in sitting inside.. I have hope that my generation will raise a generation akin to our own. I know when the day comes I hope to have children to run and play outside.. to be artsy and creative. To have the same love of books I have.. To have their father's ability to work with their hands and build things.. A hope for the future. I must be getting older in my years to be able to see such gaps in generations.

Getting crafty again after spending last weekend with our dear friends. Spent parts of the week cleaning in my craft room. I made a gift basket for our annual Regimental Ball, for the silent auction, to raise funds towards a great cause. To honour and remember a fallen colleague of my guys'. These are some tags that were a part of the gift basket. They are such fun little tags to whip up quick and simply.

Using up cut offs and leftover patterned papers. Layered crocheted mini doilies..fabric rolled flowers, buttons and stamps. So much fun to have and endless possibilities. I like working on a smaller canvas than a 4.25x5.5 inch card.
Well, I am off for the night. Plenty of posts coming up for you in the next couple of days!
Good night!


  1. These are so lovely Becks ... i love the rolled flower and those gorgeous doilies ... Have a lovely day

  2. I love all your left overs :) You created a few stunning tags and for a wonderful cause; how sweet of you. They are all gorgeous but my favorites are the one with the rolled fabric flower and the crocheted doily-flower. Wow!


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