June 10, 2010

happy hands...

My hands are happy lately.. lots of crafting has been done, and not just with paper. I do apologize for my absence. So much to do; time seems to allude me these days... just not enough hours. That all will change now that I'm finally done with work and can settle into a slower pace.

I can indulge in the roles I enjoy most-sister; daughter; friend; crafter. I no longer have to worry with my less favourite roles of student and manager...I am thoroughly enjoying the weeks I have left at home; the family dinners are well worth the effort I put into learning how to cook.Everyone coming together at the end of the week and enjoying each others company. Spending some great time with family and friends...all help nourish my soul. Good times that I will miss in the coming months.

Happy hands are trying to tame a mischievous Siamese snowshoe, who loves to jump on my lap lately bumping my hands as I type; demanding my full attention...my adopted fur faced friend who follows me like a shadow- begs for attention; who misses his mama oh so much...I will miss him terribly when I move...

Happy hands are selfishly creating..taking a break from sketch sites and challenges(for now..I do miss those challenges!) Working on a few mini albums...some conventional and some not.

A newly discovered love of all things Kraft- that can be prettied up with bits and pieces,odds and ends, ribbons, buttons, paint, ink and stamps...I'm resisting the urge to hoard every single inch of my newly acquired Melissa Frances papers;so gorgeous and feminine..they are being used for a very special album.

My happy hands are frantically trying to finish a beautiful crocheted quilt for my sister...only three weeks to finish.. it is gorgeous in cream and burnt orange...I know she will love it.

All good things to bring a smile to my face and lift a somewhat heavy heart..I'll pop in as much as I can with my finished creations.. Trying to get in as much crafty time as possible,leaving the craft supplies out and unpacked until the last possible minute...until they are unpacked in their new home, in my new studio...happy times ahead.
Hoping your hands are happy tonite too.

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  1. Hi Becks - loved reading about your 'Happy Hands...' I gather that you are moving... best of luck where ever you go. I'll keep popping by.. x


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