October 22, 2010

aim for the moon...

if you miss at least you land amongst the stars...

Today's post is a special post. It is in honour of my favourite person..my best friend..one who is always there for me...through thick and thin..my sister. I get the priveledge of spending her big day with her, something that almost didn't happen, with me living away from home this year.
But luck have it if you are reading this post, I am off celebrating with some of my fave people in Las Vegas.

No matter how old you get, you will always be my little sister..

No matter how old you get, I still feel that I should be there to protect you..

No matter how old you get, I will always be there for you...at the drop of a dime..anytime, anywhere

You have natural gifts I wish I could have..

You are smart, sassy, stubborn and head strong...qualities I admire..

I admire your 'go-get-em' attitude..

I get strength from u..even though we are seperated by miles and miles(in body but not in spirit)..

I love your:




Sisters by birth, best friends by choice...I am blessed to call you my sister;honoured to call you my best friend

I love you so very much; thankful to be able to share your special milestone with you.
 Love always


  1. Beautiful Becks ... your card and your words ... enjoy your trip xxx

  2. You made me cry; so beautiful and so straight from your heart. What more can I say?

  3. aw i love you too. thank you! xoxo


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