October 23, 2012

winter woes...

Dear Old Man Winter,

Your arrival this year was abrupt and too early. Rudely knocking all the leaves off the trees with your windy weather.  I could appreciate your light snow showers, if it weren't for the fact you stole my fall away from me.. Your cold temps have me shivering; wrapping up in more layers than usual. Unprepared for such a drastic change of weather, seemingly overnight.

I'm glad you brought with you Aurora: the bitter cold makes her brilliant greens seem even more bright as she dances in the night sky. It's more than likely due to the dark nights you bring with you this time of year. Her presence is the only positive aspect to your early arrival. I look forward to seeing her often, during what should be a transition period of fall to winter. You, not so much.

I'm escaping your cold grasp this week, fleeing to find Fall on the west coast. I know when I return you will be in full effect, in all your glory; here to stay until the spring. Perhaps by then I will be a little more prepared...

Until then Mr Winter, please take pity on us and treat us kindly, easing us into the season gradually..

Grumpily yours,


  1. LOvely post ... beautiful card ... enjoy your trip!

  2. What a gorgeous card and I feel for you with your cold weather. Where I live, its been nothing but fog, mist or rain for days but our forecast is for icy blasts to come at the weekend! I can't escape but so thankful for a roaring log fire to huddle round and two warm doggies to cuddle. Have a great trip.


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