November 10, 2013

thank-you teacher...

As kids my sister, best friend and I would often play school. There was something about writing on the chalkboard with different coloured chalks, marking papers and keeping attendance that fascinated me. We would set up our classrooms all over and take turns 'teaching'. We had lined books which we made up to be like the attendance books... marks books to record our students test scores. I loved those days we would play school. I enjoyed going to school as a kid, maybe more so for the social aspect than the academic.

Now a days some of my good friends are teachers, and the hard work they put in day in and day out astounds me. Shaping young minds, teaching the next generation... Since I love all things school themed lately I decided to create a simple thank you card fit for anyone's favourite teacher. I've had a few in my life that had a remarkable impact on my life today. My sweet and talented blog friend Joanne made me some of these cute apples, after I saw one of her gorgeous creations using them. Aren't they darling!?

I'm loving the turquoise, red and white color combo!Some more of my Curtsey Boutique supplies: lovely doilies and bakers twine. Yum!
What teacher inspired you as a child?
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  1. So very sweet and the apples Joanne made are just beautiful!

  2. I love this one, Rebekah! The red of the apple really "pops" against the blue ... but honestly all of your cards are so sweet!!


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