May 11, 2014

all that glitters...

I’m big into gift wrapping lately and decided to try my hand at decorated bags. This is perfect for tucking in smaller gifts when you don’t feel like wrapping with paper. I’ve used my great Curtsey Boutique supplies alongside some of my craft supplies to come up with a fun gift bag.

Gold seems to be the 'hot' colour lately and  I'm loving feathers- stamps and diecuts, as well as adding them to craft projects. So it seemed only natural to combine my two loves of the moment and create something special.

Today I have a quick technique tip to get those beautiful, bold, gold glitter bands. No need to mess with marking out lines and mucking about with glue.
My technique tip: double sided quick hem tape you can find in any sewing area of stores. Regular double side tape for paper doesn’t stick as well. The quick hem tape is made for fabrics and holds on beautifully. Simply decide how many bands of colour you want, trim to size and adhere, making sure to rub all over with a bone folder (or your fingers) to guarantee great adhesion of the tape. Peel off the protective paper and cover generously with glitter. Press the glitter into the tape before tapping off any excess. Voila! Mess free bands of yummy gold glitter! 

 I've used PTI's Feather Finery Stamp as well as MME-The Sweetest Thing date sticker and a Pink Paislee 'love' diecut. That sweet birdie paper clip is from Michaels.

I guess all that glitters IS gold... in this case anyway...


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