June 21, 2011

live inspired...

Life around my way is busy...
Not enough hours in the day..
Projects around the house taking up too much of my time...
Drained physically, mentally, creatively.
Needing new outlets for inspiration.
So many projects swirling in my mind...

I'd love to make one of these for my craft space... I'm disenchanted by my little crafty space.. one of these could cheer me up.
                                            (courtesy of  Stig and Lolo )
A display like this could brighten up my hallway.. I adore!

Lucky for me, we just cut down a white birch tree... this is on my summer to-do list!

I think its time to take a different direction on the blog-o. I need to break out of this un-creative, mojo-less funk I am in.... time to slow down and appreciate the little things in life... have you seen this over at Ali Edwards blog??? I'm excited to start this...solely on the blog here.. I'm not much of a scrap booker...By no means do I lead an exciting life, but I'd love to see what I come up with...keeping my camera within reach all the time.. a little glimpse into daily life... I feel it will be a fun experience!
My idea of perfection...so inspired...I could spend days in a library like this..

Another project on my list... hopeful that it will bring back some creativity...allow an outlet to just create and be happy.. Melissa Phillips and Mish are doing Art Quilts.. amazing idea.. I can't wait to find some tea stained, shabby chic, buttoned blinged goodness to make my squares out of..
                                                             (Country Living)
MMMMMmmmm button love... there will be many of these on my squares.
                                                       (Life is a beautiful place to be)
OOOhhh layered lacy goodness... my gears are turning now... I predict some of this will make its way on my art quilt too...
I want, no I need. to make one of these.. or two.. or five...
My posts will hopefully be more consistent..I'll still be doing cards but I won't feel so obligated to post.. when I don't I beat myself up about it..I feel I should be posting more.. then I get all worked up and that's not what my blog was intended for. More posts like these..my art quilt blocks..a week in the life(and a few day in the life of me.) Making blogging a lot more fun..
SO, I'll be taking a slower approach..I'm looking forward to working in the garden... immersing myself into everything culinary;baking a TON of goodies... cooking new recipes.. enjoying good food..good wine.. fires with friends...traveling back home to visit my family and my guy's family...visitors from out of town.. my four footed fur babies...being inspired by life.
Hope you will be along for the journey
Night my friends,


  1. Hey becks ... we all get this way ... I've been so busy too and feel drained ... not creatively ... just mentally and physically ... need a holiday I think ... whatever you write I will love to pop in and share with you ... a little of your life ... blogging is a window to the world ... sending love xxx

  2. Rebekah please do what you love to do and slow down. I'll be waiting here :)
    I am also thinking about an art quilt and I hope you feel refeshed and inspired after this summer.
    I made jam last week and there are more things I want to do besides card making. Enjoying summer, gardening, a little sewing, home renovating and decorating.
    I think I know what you mean.....
    Take care; enjoy daily life and this time of the year.
    Sending love and hugs,

  3. good for you..........I think its great to live inspired, I should try that myself...

  4. Love the photos' ... they are just gorgeous. I want to live in those rooms. Take time to enjoy - we're always here for you. Hugs ...


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