June 29, 2011

the gathering storm...

My little 'helper' Keiko, digging through my box of goodies

The days here are getting more summer-like as the days go by. After a week of nothing but grey skies and rain, we are getting warm sunny days. Around here after hot summer days come the thunderstorms. They bring with them charcoal grey clouds. You can see the storm gathering, clouds blocking out the sun...thunder rolling and rumbling in the background..quiet at first then louder as the storm approaches. Sometimes the thunder and clouds are accompanied by big,fat raindrops; sometimes not.

I too have been gathering.. some of my favourite items...sorting through boxes of embellishments and ribbons, trims and chipboard...collecting fabrics of all sorts. Patterned and plain, faded and pale...a nice muted colour palette. Can't wait to dig in and start my art quilt project.
It was fun digging through boxes and my stash to find wonderful things to play with...doilies of all shapes, sizes and mediums..my handmade trims..dainty old flowers, sheet music is a must..it will be incorporated in all sorts of ways.. Music, after all, is my first love. Mini crocheted flowers courtesy of my dear friend Ros; shells and fabric flowers(which I may dunk in some tea to add some vintage goodness) some lacy medallions.. So many ideas floating around..
Chippy white bells, rusty coloured brown bells, chipboard, bling..beads...tea stained trims, mini ornate metal frames and my favourite creamy organza ribbon.. yummy.

Pearls, book print. Buttons.. there will be buttons. Lots of lovely buttons. Tea stained envelopes, resin embellies.. gorgeous seam binding from 5dollar french market..(take a peek.. I adore this etsy store!With such great names of seam binding colours, like Cafe Creme, Mint tea and French Vanilla, how could you not?)
Isn't this fabric stack just delicious? I'm drooling...I love the colours and patterns.. such inspiration. My quilt base will be muslin.. the bottom layer of the stack.. the squares(sizes yet to be determined) will be tea stained broad cloth and these goodies will be incorporated over and over and over..
A closer look:
Heavy on the pictures today, I know... but I hope you get some idea of the fun I've had gathering all these items. And the fun that's yet to come. My little helper,Keiko, was purring furiously while digging through my box of goodies.... I think she understands just what my feelings are towards that now full box.
Another storm has hit...I must go


  1. I can't wait to see what you create ...just looking at the collection of beautiful things is a delight ... I know what you create will be soft delicious vintage romance ... have a lovely day my friend ... all storms pass ...xxx

  2. Wow this is a wonderful collection of goodies and I can hardly wait to see what you create. But without any doubts it will be stunning.
    Enjoy your summer; hope everything is well with you.

  3. Oh my goodness! Can I come over to play at your house? Everything looks delicious - I can't wait to see what you create with all this inspiration!

  4. I LOVE your stash and those fabrics! Adorable!!

    I'm your newest follower, found you on French Market on Facebook :)


  5. Wonderfull collecties godies, love much first foto, cute cat!Greeting from Belgium.

  6. Hi Rebekah,

    What a fabulous collection of loveliness. I would love to see what you create with your stash!

    I came to you via the love;y Stella's blog, and noticed that you live in Victoria, BC. You lucky girl!! My brother lives on Vancouver Island - Maple Bay. We have visited three times. I adore the island and the people are so friendly x

  7. Hi Becks ... haven't seen you for a while so thought I'd pop in ... hope all is well ... thinking of you


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