July 23, 2011

make art...


I'm finding inspiration in all sorts of places lately; pintrest, tumblr..from interior design programs to home renovations.. new recipes and yummy things to cook and bake...so much inspiration..feeding my artistic soul...

 I can spend hours online reading and pouring over images.. it's refreshing.. I'm finding my elusive mojo.. Once again I'm thoroughly enjoying creating all things. I have so many projects on the go at once. I'm sure you've noticed by my obvious absence in posting lately.. a few posts coming up..excited to share some quilt blocks for my Art Quilt project. A few cards(as a request of a dear, dear friend of mine.) to make.. Anxious to use my *new* Waltzing Mouse stamps(yes, I took the plunge..held off as long as I could..) a tiny tutorial or two...fun things to express my new found crafty self..

Today I'm here to share quilt block #2.. yes you read that right.. I've skipped over the first one I made.. you will see why in a future post(soon). It will make sense I promise.

So many ideas for my art quilt.. I spent some time writing them all down in my art journal.. I keep it close.. use it when I see interesting things online.. I always forget the ideas...say to myself "oh, I'll remember this, that or the other" then poof! It's gone and I'm on to something else.. Can't wait to see them all completed, together.

I've decided that a majority of the blocks will have some sort of theme and word scheme. I've chosen a bunch of words that I use for my daily life.. things I strive for, things I love. Words to live by...
My little frame.. I'm ever so proud of it. See that crackling? I love the aged look..it reminds me of an old garden bench...The best part of it? No need for those crackling mediums..you can do it at home with a few simple ingredients! I'll have a small tutorial on that my next post.. you won't be able to stop yourself once you start..
And there she is.. in all her glory...bits and bobs used.. scraps of this and that..leftover pink trim..scraps of chipboard stamped and antiqued using Distress Inks..french bookprint..handmade fabric pompom... so much fun and a few techniques learned making this block. I hope you like it.
Before I go:
                                                              {from Pintrest}
Off to make some more art...be back soon,


  1. Beautiful Becks ... this is going to be a lovely quilt if this block is anything to go by ... but then your creations are always beautiful ... soft and romantic
    nice to see you back ...

  2. I'm so glad to see you're back. We've all missed your beautiful creations and this post is why the wait is worth it ... this is simply gorgeous. I adore the pink trim, the letters/lace/frame detail is wonderful, and that flower - I'm speechless. What a wonderful start to your quilt, I can't wait to see more!

    Lovely quotes. Such inspiration I see here!

  3. Rebekah, I am totally blown away! This is a stunner!

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous! I love your idea to incorporate words and of course, I will be watching for your crackle tutorial! So fun!

  5. completely in love with this! Wow! You combined so many interesting elements to make this grand piece of art! Just amazing! and it's only one portion of your quilt! eeek! It's going to be a true masterpiece! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Rebekah this is gorgeous. I love the whole idea of an art wuilt and this block is just stunning. It;s good to see you back creating again. I missed you and it's good to read you are ok.
    Have a lovely day!


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