April 11, 2013

sweet & simple...

Life around here is sweet and simple these days. Usual routines keep the days flying by. I'm anxiously anticipating Spring with every passing day; watching the snow piles melt away slowly. Having the sunshine fill the house with light; I can't wait to throw open the windows and let the sweet Spring air in. All in good time...

 I've been playing around with the new Crafty Secrets Sewing goodies, which you can find *here*. There's new digital stamps, pretty papers and ephemera for every sewing lovers soul! Today's simple project showcases the bobbin card from the new Sewing Basket set.

With Spring right around the corner, and spring cleaning beginning in my house, I got to thinking what could I make to help simplify my expanding stamp collections, and showcase these beautiful Crafty Secrets products. Most of my larger stamp sets are stored in binders on clear sheets by manufacturer. I usually just have the smaller sets in baskets right on my workspace, which lead to my idea for today!

Working with Photoshop, I copied my image to save the original, and went about changing the colours of the card using my trusty paint bucket tool and clicking on all of the lines I wanted a different colour. . I'm really into pretty pastels lately and used a variety of pretty colours for my cards. Today these are a pretty mint and lavender colour. 

 These showcase my beautiful small and post card Crafty Secrets Stamp sets. The mint green cards are 10 x 15 cm and hold the small sets wonderfully. The postcard sets are on 9x13 cm cards. All I did was cut them out and add a sheet of acetate (the same that backs most stamp sets) cut to size and sew along the edges. Be sure to make the acetate go all the way to the sides of your cards to allow for the thickness of the stamp sets.

Here's how I store my Crafty Secrets stamps! They sit on my desk for easy access. You can leave them single or add a ring (or two) to make it easy to flip through stamps you use regularly. This is just the beginning. You could organize your sets by colour for each different company. Or use it as a die storage, I know my smaller dies usually end up in a small container. Again you could  colour code by manufacturer. The sky is the limit:)

I hope you enjoyed my quick and simple project for today.
Happy Organizing!


  1. What a fabulous idea and don't they look pretty! Tips on storage are always welcome! Thinking of you ....

  2. I love your project....what a wonderful idea, so so pretty!

  3. Wow - I think your creative packaging may be better than the real thing. Love your idea and presentation Rebekah!


  4. Hi Rebekah! I can't fully express how thankful I am for your visits and kind comments on my blog! Moreover, how EXCITED I am that you are a fellow Sask crafter :) I absolutely adore your blog and I LOVE this stamp storage idea. So awesome!


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