July 20, 2010

bicycle buttons...

I'm trying to find my mojo...have you seen it lately? Do you ever get burnt out and feel like the most uncreative person on the planet? That's me right now.. no motivation to create, doubting colour schemes and layouts, over thinking and burning out...Usually visiting my favourite blogs helps, but lately it just adds to the doubt and insecurity.
So, to try and get motivated I've been looking to some of my favourite sketch sites (2sketches4you) and other challenge sites(Moxie Fab World, City Crafters Challenge Blog) to spark some creativity..and came across this site... Considering my love of all things P.T.I, this site and I are a match made in heaven.

To test the waters I decided to go with challenge #11: create a non-standardized card. I just love creating non-standard cards...to break away from the 4.25 x 5.5 inches that I usually use as my canvas, I decided to go 6 x 3.5.. There's something about an elongated card that captures my attention.. Perhaps that's why this card came together pretty easy. Using my favourite P.T.I stamp in Versamark on the pale pink cardstock just adds such a soft sweetness that makes me swoon.
I decided to keep this card shabby-vintage. It's definatly a style I love and associate with the most. I love the layering, the distressed worn look that inking the edges brings...Adding some tea dyed edging and mis-matched buttons give just the right amount of sparkle.

I came across the handmade bicycle button in a stash I found at my local thrift store. For the longest while it sat, unappreciated and neglected in a button bottle; begging to be used. I dug thru my embellies, buttons, trims and ribbons for some inspiration, and there it was; a perfect centerpiece for a shabby vintage card..
So a tiny spark has been lit, thanks to stepping outside of the usual canvas I work with...lets hope this snowballs and my mojo comes back...
Here's hoping,
Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Gorgeous beautiful card ... the ace is stunning ... I love to read your thoughts too .... I think we all have that loss of mojo from time to time ..xxx


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