July 5, 2010

pieces of me...

 I've left pieces of my heart in many places during my journeys. Each and every place I've lived has awed me with its beauty and captured a part of my soul...these places left their mark on me, and in return, gained a piece of my heart...

I like to think that my creations reflect who I am, and capture the spirit of my moods when I'm creating something special and pouring myself into each item and coaxing these little gems into existence..

These little beauties, these small pieces of my creativity, are being sent off  into the world to cheer someone up...

To thank someone for their kindness...

To let someone know that we are thinking of them, hopefully bringing a bit of sunshine into their day....

Incorporating a small part of my art into their lives..
As I send these off to their corners of the world I am thankful that my gift can touch others, hopefully lift any mood, and ensure that even more pieces of me are scattered about like stardust out in the universe...
Night friends,


  1. What wonderful cards! SO many amazing details!

  2. These really are beautiful Rebekah ... you should enter some of the challenges and let the world see your gorgeous creations ... xxx

  3. Thanks for your comments ...Can't wait to see your next creation ...xxx

  4. I love your vintage creative style. Please list the details of the items you use. I would love to get some of the frames you use. You are a talented gal!


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