January 20, 2011

comforts of home...

The comforts of home....friends, family, familiar surroundings, a feeling of belonging. The comforting sounds of being at home; little Siamese paws playing on the hardwood..conversations, tv shows in the background.. all remind us of what makes a house a home.

Six months or so ago, I left the comforts of the home I shared with my family...moved to a place I had  never heard of before...couldn't locate on the map...leaving friends behind..knowing no one. I had a very bleak outlook.. wondered if I were making the right decision...willing time to stop moving forward..

 A day before I left home I received an email...an everyday occurrence..a quick note from one person to another.. one I won't forget..something so simple, yet meant so much to me then, and to this day. A hand reaching out of the darkness...Simply put I 'met' a wonderful person that day. One who has helped make my transition to my new life so much easier..Alexis, this post is for you, on your birthday..
Alexis was one of the first people I met once I moved to our new little town. It's always hard to settle and meet people when moving somewhere new.. had it not been for her and her fiance, I don't know how I would have managed. We have much in common; her ideals and ways of thinking are similar to mine. We are close in age.. She is a spirit lifter...I thoroughly enjoy spending time with her... our chats have helped me more than she may know..
 She is sassy and smart, quick witted...a great listener with a big heart. She tries to see the positive in everyone..is helpful. Thoughtful and sweet.( Knowing I was having issues with iron levels, she baked me some delish molasses cookies because they were iron rich...)You can see her passion for what she does..I know she's gonna make a great mama someday. In the few short months I've known her and gotten to spend with her I feel those comforts of home returning. She has gone through what I am going through.. offers advice...listens...all that reminds me that I'm never alone...there's always someone to talk to...to lean on in the tough times... for that, I am truly thankful.

I am fortunate to be able to count her as a friend. Lucky to have had someone there to welcome me as part of this extended family we share.That feeling will stay with me..I'll be reminded of it every time we move.. I can only hope that one day I can pass on her gift to someone first starting out like I was.. I dread the day when she moves away..on to another chapter in this life..It is inevitable in the career 'family' we are marrying into..Until then, I know more memories will be made, more chats will take place, and the bond I felt then and now will stay with me forever.
Happy Birthday Alexis!
~Becks xx


  1. What a beautiful post and card for someone who sounds just as beautiful ... I'm sure Alexis will love this ... have a lovely day Becks ...

  2. I can imagine how happy you must be to have a friend like her. Moving is never easy and starting a new life in a place and leaving everything behind is even more difficult. And It's lovely to have a very good friend nearby. Enjoy the friendship and...she will be very happy when she gets this card!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Beautiful card for a lovely friend. You are blessed to have someone so special in your life. She will love this gorgeous card. Happy Birthday Alexis!

  4. WOW Rebekah! This card is gorgeous and I love all the shabby detail! Sounds like your dear friend is very deserving of this treasure!

  5. What a sweet card for such as sweet friend! Sounds like the two of you make the world a happier place together.


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