January 1, 2011

two little words...

As 2010 draws to a close and 2011 about to begin I stop and think of what one word I would carry with me throughout the year. A word to help find the simple joys in life...a word to help through the difficult times..The more and more I pondered what word that should be, I found myself continually drawn to not one, but two words.. two little words that mean so much to me right now; hope and acceptance.

Hope for health, happiness, and strength.  Hope that spreads far and wide, beyond my circle; out into the world and to others. Acceptance of myself; my faults, flaws, strengths, weaknessess and limitations..Acceptance that while I cannot change the world, I can change my world- who I come into contact with..how to treat every situation.. accept that not everyone will like me for who I am, and that I will not change to accomodate that.. will not...acceptance to be myself.

 These are two little words that will make a big impact on my life in the year ahead. In every passing, happy, difficult, emotional moment these words will help me through. To appreciate each of those moments; be them passing, happy, difficult and emotional..to learn a lesson, to help understand the dark days. To appreciate the happy moments and store them away in memory...
A new year to see what personal goals can be accomplished...no pressure, no stress to acheive them. Let the cards fall as they may. Push to bettter myself in my craft...Be aware of my own talents..try not to compare to others...easy to say..hard to do otherwise..somedays anyway....

Time to cherish those around me...nurture new budding friendships and relationships..acknowledge that change is inevitable and to go with the flow, not against it. Enjoying the ride..so hard to remember that..just enjoy the ride somedays.

No more worrying about what I don't like about my image. We ladies tend to scrutinize ourselves way too much. So what if we have a little flaw here and there.. we are loved for them. So many New Years resolutions wasted on worrying about loosing a few pounds here or there..denying ourselves sweets or favourite foods.. no more... this is the year to embrace it all.

A new year to remember those no longer with us physically, but with us every day spiritually.. Finding strength in each passing day to honour their memory...to smile about the time we did share. It's a slow wound to heal..but one day it will..It just makes you cherish those around you that much more.

Living each day to the fullest...letting the small things go...all the things we tell ourselves we should do.. it's time to just DO. we might end up happiest this way.. I'm game to try.. to just find ....
Joy... pure and simple. Joy in everything...
Here's the last of the Christmas cards I made this year. A fitting way to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to a bright, wonderful 2011.
Thankful as always for your visit!
Happy New Year!


  1. I've been reading this post several times and I can't get enough of it. Rebekah it touched my heart and brought the tears into my eyes. Everything you wrote is so true. I'm speechless what can I say? (I hope you know what I mean. )

    And for 2011? I wish you a Happy New Year in every possible way you can think of and wish for. Embrace life, enjoy it.

    Almos forgotten....your cards are stunning!

  2. There is something for you waiting on my blog; You can find it here; grab it:) !!!




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