January 11, 2011


I do seem to keep disappearing on you don't I? It's not intentional...believe me. I have had a busy last few weeks and now I am back at home...refreshed and ready to dig in and start working on some new projects, getting back to challenge sites, opening up my Etsy account again, even a giveaway coming very soon!!So many fun and exciting things going on. I hope you will stay tuned and be patient with me.
First off tho, I need to do a little housekeeping...some of my loyal blog followers have bestowed upon me this award:

How exciting!!! I am honoured to accept this award. It means a lot to me that people stop by my lil ole blog-o here..SO many thanks to Joanne and Stella. You ladies made my day!!! Take some time to check out their blogs! You won't be disappointed!
The 'rules' of this blog award are simple: Thank whom ever you got the award from...Share 8 things about yourself. Pass it along to 8 other bloggers...simple simple.
Where do I begin... 8 things about myself...as you can tell I'm pretty open on my blog here...give a little glimpse into my world..so here are 8 things you may not have picked up on.. depending on how long you have followed me on my journey in blogland..
* I love to read.. LOVE getting new books and settling into them. I've been an avid reader since I was 5..always had my nose buried in a book. There is nothing better.

*I bake. A lot. My baking is considerably better than my cooking. Living at home I had my moms cooking to look forward to.. and there's nothing better than moms cooking.. so, I never really picked it up. Moving out on my own I had to get mom to teach me to cook.. it's getting better I suppose, but baking is where I excel in the domestic diva sense of things.

*I am a summer girl.. I love the summer..if it were summer all year round I'd be one happy girl!Being born and growing up in Bermuda I was spoiled..the summers there are amazing..

*Fall is my second favourite season. I love the changing colours of the leaves.. that crisp feeling in the air.. the smells of fall...the soups, stews and comfort food... sweaters and light scarves..Thanksgiving(for us Canadians) truly a wonderful time of the year.

* I hoard tea. All sorts. I love a good cup of tea. My mom and my guy have to reign me in some days. I need to use up the tea I have before buying more...loose leaf teas are some of my favourites..

* Photography is something that amazes me...how some people have that gift of capturing special moments.. I yearn for the day when I can focus on becoming a better photographer.. and have a proper, good camera. I love experimenting with my little cameras.

*I've recently moved to a small town in northern Saskatchewan. It is very different from what I am used to. My guy and I moved here for his job. We will continue to move around due to his job every few years... takes awhile to get used to a small town mentality and way of life...

*One of my favourite colours is black. I bet you wouldn't have guessed it by what you see on my blog.. I find it hard to incorporate into cards. I love the vintage, muted colours, pearl and lacy goodness that I tend to lean towards in my projects..I guess there is a time and place for everything...

Now it is time for me to bestow this award on some of my fave bloggers...I'm sure they have been awarded the award themselves a few times, but I'd like to show my appreciation for the ladies that stop by regularly and pay me a visit and leave sweet kind comments..you make it worth it! Along with these ladies I am adding some of the ladies that I look up to and enjoy visiting myself:

It's a shame it's only limited to 8 people.. there are so many creative souls out there.. but, these are some of my faves.
Well.. that is it from me for now...I have some cards to share with you in the upcoming days.. can't wait to get back into my craft room and create...
Have a wonderful week!
Talk soon,


  1. A lovely read ... thank you too for the award my friend ... look forward to seeing more creations from you soon ...

  2. You soooo deserve this ... everything shown here is just gorgeous! Congratulations and thank you for sharing!

  3. Well now! THis was a lovely surprise! Thank for sharing your award with me! I'm proud to be among such wonderful ladies of blogland. I also enjoyed reading your 8 things...it seems you and I have alot in common! Thank you again and I look forward to more creative brilliance from you. I always love what I see her on your blog!

  4. Lovely to read and getting to know you a bit better :)....I am so so honored...And now I have to share 8 more things about me :)...


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