April 8, 2011

game on...

I always have such a hard time with guy cards.. I love my bows and ribbons, glitter and buttons-anything girlie. I love adding little embellishments like  tags; tucked away behind a flower; tied to a button, around a bow.. how can I possibly give up all those fun things and make them masculine???

My solution? A fun themed card for my sisters guy. I had so much fun with it. She gave me an idea to play with and I just ran with it. I'm so glad I did. Casey is such a gaming fanatic. This was the perfect card to wish him a Happy Birthday.
I loved the nights when we all would meet up online and her guy and my guy would game, and my sister and I would take over the mics and chat. Even though we were miles apart it was like we were in the same room together.
The front of the card...I went 'old school Xbox' for this card...The newer models are sleek and slim-lined...the older models have more elements to make a cooler looking card, in my opinion. For this one I used 3D foam dots to make the lines of the console stand out, kind of like they do in real life...
The game disc on the inside was pop up style.. to add some dimension to the inside as well.. I scanned in one of the games we played, shrunk it down to the size, and then hand cut a controller and decorated by using water colour pencil crayons. I incorporated all the elements that come to mind when I think of gaming My first inside and out decorated card.... I was thrilled with the end result and I know Casey appreciated the card:) Makes my heart feel good.

Before I go, I just want to announce the winner of the magazine giveaway I posted here. **drum roll please** Random.org selected:

True Random Number Generator 2

Ros said... Your post makes a picture in my mind ... you sound more settled and happy now and I am happy for you ... your beautiful cards are a delight ... Enjoy your day Becks...

Congrats my friend! Feel free to email me your address if you'd like the magazine!! Look forward to hearing from you:)
That's all I have for tonight. I'm off to spend some well needed time with my guy and 'the kids'
Happy Weekend!


  1. Too cool! I'm sure your sis's guy will think so too!

  2. Wow! thank you so much ... I'll email you ..
    This card is so great ... really imaginative and I just know he'll love it .. I love the front of it .... Have a lovely day ...

  3. This is awesome!!! I gotta show my hubby, this is a card even he can appreciate!!
    So, so unique.

  4. Rebekah your card is amazing. A fabulous masculine card and I love this XBox theme; wow! Perfect details!

    Ros congrats on your win!


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