September 29, 2011

dear Aurora...

I wish I could capture the beauty that is so intrinsically you,and put into words the feelings evoked by watching your dance in the night sky. As I look skywards, standing in the crisp  night air I wonder who else is watching you as I am tonight...

As I watch as you fade from vibrant jade green, to a soft dusky pink in the black inkiness of the sky; the stars twinkling as you wind and wave around them, I imagine I  hear a swishing noise as you race across the great divide...but of course there are no noises that accompany you. The silence adds to your magic light show, and secretly is one of my favourite experiences.

It seems to me, that the colder it gets, the more beautiful and bright you emerge; gracing us with your presence almost daily lately..sometimes I get the chance to see you...altho I wonder how many times I have missed you, by simply not stepping outside into the night..I am always amazed and awed by your beauty; your sheer raw power as you put on a show for all to see.

You are my companion on nights when I am alone, or out walking the puppy in the yard. Some days I get to share you with my guy, which makes it all the more special. It is the best feeling when I get to see the reaction of family members who don't get to experience your daily visits like I do.

I hope there never comes a day where I take you for granted, but I know that one day I will have to move away from the will be a sad day, as I won't know when we will have the chance to meet again. But know this; I will never forget the gift of your natural beauty and the memories of looking towards the heavens, humbled by the fact I got to see you so often. It is something that will stay with me for the rest of my days.

See you again soon my friend,


  1. Quantos detalhes em um lindo cartão!!

  2. Beautiful card as always Becks ... you are so fortunate to have this experience ... Enjoy!

  3. I just found you on pinterest, you do wonderful work!

  4. Beautiful words, Rebecca. I went to college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (you could only go a few miles further north before you hit Lake Superior). On clear nights the Aurora Borealis was so gorgeous. Your words bring back wonderful memories.

    I love the cameo of flowers and all the lace layers. You are a master at creating luxury and romance. The colors are so soft and the pearls the perfect added detail.

    Thanks for sharing your talents ... always inspiring.

  5. What a gorgeous card! I love the vintage book pages you have used paired with the cameo. Such beautiful words about Aurora.

  6. so pretty Rebecca! Love the soft colors mixed with the music note paper!

  7. you have a beautiful blog. I visit often. luv all your creations but am very intrigued by your handmade cameos. Have you thought about doing a tutorial? tfs


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