September 18, 2011


                                                    halloween decor idea

Fall is upon us... I have a love affair with all things fall... summer is my favourite season, but I feel fall is going to over take it soon...whats not to love?

                                                       lantern love...
Big lanters, little lanterns, candles and white fairy lights... glowing carved pumpkins at I love old lanterns..
                                               leaves and mini pumpkins...

Falling leaves.. I can't wait to play with the puppy in the fallen leaves in the backyard.. a special treat this year to share it with my pup. I know he will get a kick out of playing in the leaves with mama...tagging along with me through the yard as I floppy eared companion.
                                  reminders of fall in my neck of the woods...
Seeing the wheat fields in gorgeous shades of gold and yellow...the landscape as far as the eye can see on our drive north..I can't wait for the journey home...hay bales all rolled and lined up in the sun.golden spun circles... I will have to get some photo's to share.

                                               halloween approaches...
Crisp nights and cool days...foggy mornings and evenings..Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year. Awaiting mini ghouls and goblins, hobbits and witches, princesses and fairies and everything in between on trick or treat night.
                                           old barn and harvest table=love
Thanksgiving in October..birthday celebrations.. a time to cherish loved ones near and far.. remember those passed away.. enjoying and cherishing every day...gatherings of family and friends for good food and good times.. Celebrating.
                                  is there anything better than white pumpkins?
Fall decorations for the house.. a new wreath for my door...sunflowers harvested and displayed on the tables... fun projects to be made.. I can't wait to get home.

Just a little Pintrest inspiration for fall... popping in to say 'hi' while I'm visiting family.. missing my fur babies, anxious to get crafty again, all the while enjoying all the in-laws. A long drive here(36 hours) and the same journey home...Can't wait to reconnect with all of you and get more posts done. Hope to get in a card or two posted here before I return.
In the meantime thanks for the visit,
I'll be visiting all of you soon
Happy Autumn!


  1. Great Photos indeed! Thanks for sharing and inspiration! That newspaper/book pages pumpkin is a stunner!

  2. Happy Autumn to you too Becks ... have a safe journey

  3. Happy Autumn to you sweetie; I really enjoyed this post. Have a fabulous time and enjoy. And return home safe; it's a long journey..... I can hardly wait to see another of your fabulous creations!

  4. I love every photo and some wonderful decorating ideas too! Thanks for sharing and be safe while traveling ... we'll all be here when you return. Happy Autumn to you!


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