November 1, 2011

the witching hour...

All the ghouls, goblins, witches and monsters have come and gone for the night. It was such a treat to see all of the costumes; hear the excited chatter as they clambered up the stairs and rang the doorbell...
Even I got in the Halloween spirit this year again..dressing up as a firefighter. My FIL was a firefighter for 30 years and my guy inherited one of his helmets from when he was Captain.(he retired as a Platoon Chief) So, upstairs it came and along with a jacket of my guy's and one of my FIL's Fire Dept badges, and I became a firefighter for the night. The kids certainly got a kick out of it.
I love Halloween time of the year.. we carved our pumpkins again this year(you can see them here..) with my family-long distance via webcam.. always so much fun. We all get better and better with each passing year. There are plans in the works for all of us to be together next year for pumpkin picking in the fields(one of my favourite activities) and a carving marathon.
Along with Halloween, October and November bring with it many birthdays.. some of my most favourite people were born this time of the year. I love that all the birthdays are grouped together; April-June and October November. This card was made for my best friend.. and I love how it turned out.
So many dainty layers of paper and fabric organza rose with one of my handmade cameos. I'm still having a love affair with them.. Lacy goodness peeks out...another handmade goodie- the little key; all painted and glittered up.. and a little personal touch- The stamped 'C' in the corner honour of my besties first name. I love personalizing cards for the recipient...makes all the more special.
I am off now, going to try and relax after being on my feet for all 171 kids that popped by.
How was your Halloween night?
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  1. Lovely lovely card ... Sounds like you had fun ... That's a lot of visitors!!

  2. But my name starts with a "J"! Lucky friend you have to get this beautiful card. I love everything about it ... and I must get my cameo mold back out. I have yet to figure out how to paint the background. You are so talented, Becks - we are very lucky you choose to share your creations with us.

    Halloween here was much too quiet. My husband took our son out to "Trick or Treat" but our daughter decided she was too old now that she's a teenager. Instead we filled our weekend with costume parties ... it's so fun to see how clever people can be!

  3. Just gorgeous, and you really did a great job with this. Beautiful!


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