March 8, 2013

Easter memories...

I loved Easter as a child. I fondly remember Easter weekends. Good Friday was always a huge deal where I grew up. Every year we would make our own tissue paper kites. It's amazing what a little string, wooden sticks and brightly coloured tissue paper can create. Once they were air bound, boy were they gorgeous; like stained glass windows floating in the sky. It was certainly my most favourite time of the year. I recall early morning Easter egg hunts and beautiful, overflowing Easter baskets awaiting us when we awoke.  Back then we thought it was from the Easter bunny, but we soon realized as we got a little older it was my mama who lovingly made up those gorgeous Easter baskets for us. Those beautiful baskets and wonderful memories were my inspiration behind my little egg shaped box baskets!

REBEKAH Easter Box Baskets Top Off(Victorian Egg Digi)

Today I'm using these fabulous Victorian Egg Digital images available from Crafty Secrets. I love their vintage look, it was hard choosing which pretty image to use on the top of my boxes. Begin with using an oval shaped box or make your own as I have done here. You can buy a great and easy template here. Once assembled choose your image and cut to size(or presize them before printing) and stick to the top of your box. It's perfectly ok if it doesn't fit  exactly right. We have a couple finishing touches up our sleeves :)


I added some glitter to a few spots on top of the flower images, just to give a little extra sparkle. To hide the edge of my printed image I ran a bead of hot glue around the edge, working about 2-3 inches at a time, and gently pushed a string of pretty pearls all the way around.


Next take a crepe paper trim and glue it to the outer edge of the lid. Or, make your own out of tissue paper as I have done here. All I did was cut inch wide strips of 2 colours of paper and glued them together, right down the middle. Then, taking pinking shears I just cut random slits in the paper(not all the way through) on both sides of the middle glue line to make its frilly and mimic the filler in the Easter baskets. Position it as high up on the sides of your lids and glue into place. If you place it too high up, don't worry-just give it a little hair cut to achieve the right height.
Just under your paper trim to hide the raw edge I added a piece of pretty crocheted trim right below and glued all the way around. Overlapping the trim and the edge of the paper trim I added a piece of polka dot ribbon to tidy it all up. I repeated the crocheted trim and ribbon around the edge of the bottom of my box to match the top, being sure to use the ribbon to hide the edge of the trim.


Decorate the tops of your boxes how ever you choose. I went with eggs and feathers for the birdies, and flowers and ribbons for the other. I added a big bow to the very top of my box. The tags use sentiments from Crafty Secrets Postcard stamp.


To create a moveable handle, take a long strip of the same colour card stock and scallop the edges. Poke level holes on either side of the base of your box and through the ends of your long handle strip. Using a similar coloured brad, piece the strip and base together, closing the end of the brad snug, but not so snug so that the handle can't move. Fill with shredded tissue paper and goodies and you've got a sweet handmade gift to give away!

REBEKAH Easter Box Baskets-Victorian Eggs Digi

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  1. Wow so pretty! Love all the gorgeous details:)

  2. Oh my gosh! I just about fell over! This are amazing, each one is so beautiful. You've created 2 little treasures!

  3. These are so adorable!! Love all the frills


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