September 8, 2013

seasons change...

Summer is taking its time leaving around here. Not that I'm complaining... there are subtle hints of Fall though... and I'm loving that too. Soft breezes with a slight cool in the air... the changing of the searing summer sun to a more gentle glow... leaves turning yellow; soon to give way to those gorgeous oranges, reds and browns I associate with Fall... it's a bitter sweet changing of the seasons... thank goodness my favourite seasons follow each other so closely.

A whirlwind of events to the end of summer... wedding over and done with... family here and now gone all too quickly. Anticipating a few more bonfires with dear friends who have become like family to us... shopping for a new wardrobe full of boots, pretty chunky sweaters and scarves... comfort foods and tasty drinks; home made chai lattes, London fog's with our favourite Earl Grey tea. Another reminder of a dear friend from the west coast.

Savouring the few hot days we have left. Getting to the lake and a quiet retreat to a friend's cabin... such a lovely weekend to recover from the stress of wedding planning and all that comes with it.  Relaxing in our new favourite spot; a backyard deck built with my guy's very able and talented hands... a cozy outdoor living space. A happy puppy to take for walks in the neighbourhood to drink in the changing scenery and season.

Crafty projects reflecting the changing season... a pretty paper pumpkin with Crafty Secrets Vintage Halloween CD... such great printable papers... all used here in varying patterns and colours. Some twine and leaves.. and a small wooden creature to complete the card. This could be used for Thanksgiving or Halloween... your choice.

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  1. Hi Rebekah, not sure if this will work as none of my other comments have been going through as I'm in France and Google thinks I'm suspicious but WOW - your pumpkin is beautiful and all the papers looks so fantastic together! I need to add it to Pintrest

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow! I love this sweetly shabby pumpkin. I was looking at these papers yesterday and loved how versatile they are, but I never would have thought of doing this. Absolutely gorgeous!


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