August 12, 2011


I'm loving this time of the year:

Watching my garden grow..

Seeing the puppy get bigger and bigger. He acts like he's still tiny .. 45 pounds and still tries to curl up on my's a fun experience.

My 'baby girl' Siamese kitty..growing like a weed.. only 6 months old and has completely stole my heart.. She's a curious kitty for sure...

Enjoying walks with the pup in the evenings..

Loving the sunshine.. when it makes an appearance..its been a rainy, grey summer this year.

Expanding my crafty horizons(more on that to come in future posts)

Rediscovering a love of exercising..being active..feeling great.

Looking forward to traveling out west to British Columbia, and back east to Ontario..(home for me and my guy)

Anticipating visitors in the form of two brother-in-laws in just a few short weeks...

Counting my blessings and realizing Mother Nature's power and beauty:

Watching the Aurora Borealis(Northern Lights) humbling and so beautiful in the night sky...

Experiencing a massive lightning storm..standing on the shore of the lake.. captured by the beauty..frightened, yet awed by the sheer power of it...

Keeping an eye on the ever rising river..hoping the rain will stay away and let the river recede...

Missing those no longer with us every single day..reliving memories ever so sweet..

Growing and learning...

Just sharing with you another card in a four card set I made for a great gal.. Lots of lovely layers. A little crackle technique on the butterfly..tea stained favourite papers and stamps.. perfectly imperfect stitching poking out..its love all around.
Thanks for letting me share a bit of my summer with you..
Before I go just a little 'hello' and welcome to a few new blog followers.. thanks for joining me on my crafty journey.
I'll be back soon with a few new crafty projects.
Night friends,


  1. Wonderfully romantic card ... a pure delight ... and listening to your words ... picturing you standing by the lake with the storms and the Northern Lights ... what magic! A far cry from where I am ... enjoy your weekend

  2. Beautiful card! Love the fabric flower / butterfly combo!

  3. beautiful sweet adorable....all of those tied up with a bow... loved reading about your summer too!

  4. What I love about this big world of blogging is that you are able to read the most amazing stories and looking at handmade jewels....
    Bekah this post is priceless; I love your story about your summer and your precious and fabulous. I am drooling...

  5. I just love visiting your blog and seeing what you are creating! Absolutely gorgeous card! Your shabby chic style is unbelievable! :-) Amy

  6. This is one fantastic card! AMAZING and Beautiful!

  7. You have quite a talent, Becks ... this card is purely delicious. Your art is always breathtaking and so inspirational. It drives me to my craft room with each visit here.

    Your summer sounds lovely ... I wish you many more days of bliss.


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