August 26, 2011

ties that bind...

I am back from my short holiday..
Relaxed.. refreshed..ready to go. It's always a treat visiting family. Does my heart good; makes me realize how blessed I am. It also takes its toll on me somedays-a two sided coin; realizing just how far away I am physically.. although never in spirit.
I left my heart in B.C....

 It seems there's never enough time to fit everyone in.. So many friends went unseen.. but not forgotten. There's always next time I say. This visit was all about family. So good for my soul to reconnect.. my mom had a full house. The best kind to have if you ask me. My aunt(my moms sister) was also visiting..staying longer than my guy and I were. So good to see everyone together.. That ever present invisible thread..the ties that bind us together as family.
Some of the best times were spent sitting around the big kitchen island, cup of tea in hand,  just talking..reliving stories of youth.. learning more about family relations..hearing stories of my nanna and pa...keeping their memories alive. I love discovering things I never knew before.
Home again and just in time.. I will soon have a full house myself.. We are taking turns. First mama, then me, then my MIL.. A great month of nothing but family..visiting, talking, enjoying each others company.. My BIL's arrive in a couple days. I can't wait. I know my guy is looking forward to it.
Just a quick card I made for another little set for a very dear lady.. I will explain more in a future post..I had fun using tea stained goodies,  romantic papers..keeping it simple..using little embellies..letting them shine. I do hope she likes it.
As always I appreciate the visit..
Looking forward to more posts soon,

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  1. As always, Rebekah, your work is gorgeous. The lace flowers are deliciously shabby and the paper doily is wonderful. The big bold word is perfectly placed and was made for this card.

    I am so pleased you enjoyed your time with family. It's wonderful to re-connect and appreciate each others company.


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